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Message 1978422 - Posted: 3 Feb 2019, 11:08:33 UTC

Hello friends.
I am a technology lover who loves travel and studies new applications.
I am researching some applications on different windows operating systems.
I updated S@H a few days ago and installed VB as recommended.
Then, my computer had trouble booting properly, if at all. It also will not power down/hibernate properly.
I have uninstalled everything BOINC/SETI/VB, and that didn't help.
Now my computer seldom starts correctly on the first power cycle, requiring me to power down via the power button, and restart.
What gives???? I can't even begin to tell you how unhappy I am, although this is the only problem I have had with S@H since 1999.
Dell Inspiron 13.7352 Laptop, I7, 8G, Win 10 15063.729, All drivers current from Dell. No significant logs from BOINC because I reinstalled.
thank you.
Good health!
author: du lịch việt
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Message 1978435 - Posted: 3 Feb 2019, 12:47:14 UTC

As you have posted in another thread that you have downloaded BOINC OK without Virtual Box, I will close this thread.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Problems with installing virtual machines on windows

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