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Message 1965581 - Posted: 16 Nov 2018, 15:33:49 UTC
Last modified: 16 Nov 2018, 15:51:19 UTC

I have waited for quite a while, but I did not get any tasks...
Is there anything I can do to get some tasks? Or is everyone so active that there are no spare tasks for me..? Or maybe this is an error...
Please help me
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Message 1969305 - Posted: 8 Dec 2018, 11:56:54 UTC
Last modified: 8 Dec 2018, 11:58:56 UTC

i had the same qustion a few hours ago. i set up a new ubunto box, got no tasks

asked over in the linux forum and someone said everyone is having trouble getting tasks right now
oh wait your message is from november
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Message 1969866 - Posted: 11 Dec 2018, 5:46:10 UTC

There have been a few server problems that have resulted in a shortage of tasks.
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : I can't find any tasks

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