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Message 1938377 - Posted: 6 Jun 2018, 6:31:22 UTC

Seti Italy

There is already a collaboration between Sardinia Radio Telescope and Seti.
I hope there will be, in the future, some italian's wus to crunch!! :-)
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Message 1938465 - Posted: 6 Jun 2018, 16:47:55 UTC

SETI is a very broad heading.

SETI@Home, the project to which we contribute, uses some of the very largest telescope in the world, Arecibo and Green Bank just now, with Parkes coming on line sometime in the (near) future to give coverage of the Southern skies. (The two existing sources cover:
Arecibo: equatorial
Green Bank: "horizon to horizon" centered on 39 North, which is very similar to the Sardinian 39 North).
What another telescope at a similar latitude would give is a bit better time resolution, provided the data between GBT and Sardinia could be synchoronised.

Since the existing and planned telescopes cover much of the galactic plane of the Milky Way I don't see much scope for another telescope covering essentially the same bit of the sky, my money for number four source would be the Lovell or even the "Merlin network" which have almost polar coverage, or maybe, if there is one far enough "up country" something in Alaska or Canada (I think we can forget Russia just now the way they are being upset by "the west").
Bob Smith
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Message 1939964 - Posted: 17 Jun 2018, 18:46:10 UTC

The ALMA array in Chile covers much of the Southern sky.
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