CUDA tasks versus .vlar tasks.

Questions and Answers : Windows : CUDA tasks versus .vlar tasks.
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Message 1937731 - Posted: 30 May 2018, 23:01:19 UTC
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A bit strenuous, and you perhaps know it as well.

It should depend on the project, of course, but right now I wish for a little bit of switch here,
in that the secret should always depend on a given parameter, or task type.

Hope you agree with me here on this one, except for anything in the chosen or set Preferences either.
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Message 1937737 - Posted: 30 May 2018, 23:30:58 UTC - in response to Message 1937731.  
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I think that you are indicating assigning work to the platform that supports it best, ie VLAR work to CPU and VLAR work to (NVidia) GPU... (AMD GPUs actually prefer VLAR due to their different architecture) if so this thread may be a good starting point.

However, you have not completed a SETI@Home work unit on your attached machines in over 30 days which confuses me further...
Edit: never mind, your alter ego seems to be doing a few.
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Message 1937813 - Posted: 31 May 2018, 13:42:20 UTC - in response to Message 1937737.  
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Thanks for the link, but it became Parsing in the Wikipedia, for next that of Holography,
and had to scroll back twice, for that of FLOPS, or in this case MegaFlops.

If doing a bit of numbers for that of PrimeGrid, in this case Number crunching only, such things as OCL, and also OCL2 through OCL5 should be an issue
when CUDA is being concerned, while x87 could still be a transform for use by the CPU, when also more recent ones are available.

Interpreting a signal is perhaps reading a message as well, and for this also still signal types, and also protocols, at least from our perspective.

So, right now left stuck on that word again, for that of signal types, where even advanced literature is offering only limited support.

If still such a word, also perhaps "esoteric" as well.

Here noticing that the Genefer18 (n=262144) is doing quite well on my computer, and here using OCL5, rather than OCL2.

Again, I did not catch up with the discussion, but noticing that APR, or even CreditScrew, now becomes a discussion of interpreting those messages,
by means of adding features for such a thing into the application for the Manager.

Some people may perhaps not think that a gaussian score could be definite proof of an intelligent signal, but even my eight blc04 tasks left,
or still perhaps guppi, is meant for running by the CUDA32 application, and not any SoG.

Here no secret that CUDA50 was a bit heavy to run, at least in the past, and also there should be CUDA42 in between.

Therefore, if still interpreting a message in one given way or another, perhaps the gaussian score, but next making it from .vlar in a similar way,
when it also could be the other applications for this, including also SoG, and you have both different applications, if not any protocols,
but also different ways of handling and interpreting as well.

Also it reads "Device peak FLOPS" when clicking on a single task, but here it should be different.

Hopefully correct here.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : CUDA tasks versus .vlar tasks.

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