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Message 1859795 - Posted: 6 Apr 2017, 12:33:59 UTC


I've been an inactive user of SETI@Netherlands for some time.. maybe some of you remember me from my activity on behalf of the foundation in organizing Gauntlets and donation rallies for Berkely. Because I still crunch and sponsor a part of the website I have learned that the foundation that was created in 1999 is heading for it's dismantlement this year...

I and quite a few other "hard core S@NL members" have put in an enormous amount of time in the project that last (almost) two decades, but with me it appears that too many of the old crew have become inactive and to few new active members have stood up to meet the challenge to continue this piece of SETI history.

Although I am not an active member any more (I have had to put my priorities elsewhere), I regret to see that S@NL appears not to be able to survive this year..

I write this, to share this.. and maybe some Dutch people here read this and are willing to help to build a future again for S@NL.

Want to share your thoughts? Be welcome to visit our forum:

Leaves me to thank and to say 'hi' to all those I have spoken to ages ago.. when S@NL 'dies'.. well, don't know if that'll bee the last nail in my 'boinc activity'..

With sad greetings,

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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : S@NL is on the virge of collapse

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