Unexpected outage (March 30-31)

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Message 1859088 - Posted: 2 Apr 2017, 1:18:37 UTC - in response to Message 1859071.  

and keeping this side project under the radar

...if your employer hasn't authorized that, it is against the rules here and could very well cost you your job.

I'm not concerned. There is a Seti@Home team for the company with close to 1000 members using more than 2500 computers which have generated more than 600M credits. Still, you are making me think about it.

In that case I have one question why are you "keeping this side project under the radar" if the company has a team?

Maybe it's time to highlight the NEZ fallout again.


. . Reading through all the stuff from that period it seems NEZ was setup to a large extent. More a political scapegoat then a villain. But it does highlight the risks of implementing BOINC/Seti in an environment which you do not own.


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Message boards : News : Unexpected outage (March 30-31)

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