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Message 1850430 - Posted: 21 Feb 2017, 15:20:37 UTC
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The subject line tells it all. I experience video corruption with system freezes. I turn off my monitor, leave to do sometime or go to bed, and when I turned my monitor back on, I see a jumbled mess and the system is frozen. It does not do this all of the time. I can go weeks and not have a problem, and then all of a sudden there it is again. In December of 2016 I read a post on Einstein where the person was asking if their OpenCl apps were having the same problem as Seti’s, so I turned off ATI tasks, waited a couple of weeks, and turned them back on. Within 24 hours I had a corrupt freeze. I turned ATI tasks off again. For about the last eight weeks, I have only been running Milkyway OpenCL tasks, and have had no problems. I turned Seti back on the morning of February 20th and had a corrupt freeze within 24 hours. I have an AMD A10-7850K with 32gig of memory. The CPU is liquid cooled, the memory has dual fans. CPU temperatures under full load never go above 60 degrees C and the case temperatures are usually 31 degrees C or below and I have never seen them go above 34. I have the latest drivers and my OpenCL version is 21.19.519.2
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Message 1856390 - Posted: 18 Mar 2017, 18:34:56 UTC

This sounds like it might be a crashing video driver.

Might take a look at the documentation/forum discussion for the last really good working AMD video driver version, download it. Do as clean as possible un-install of the video driver/then install the "new" older drivers. Make sure you turn off any automatic video driver updates.

Then use bonic manager to "delete" all the projects that are having a problem. Make sure the hidden program data sub directory is clean and/or deleted.

Then add the project(s) again. This should re-generate all the binaries that you need locally to run Seti/Einstein etc. In some of the later versions of the video driver software, the necessary and correct software to compile the binaries you need to do seti calculations were not present.

From doc in program data directory "....
============= ATi specific info ===============
Known issues:

With 12.x Catalyst drivers GPU usage can be low if CPU fully used with another loads. App performance can be
increased by using -cpu_lock switch in this case.

- Catalyst 12.11 beta and 13.1 have broken OpenCL compiler that will result in driver restarts or invalid
results. But these drivers can be used still if the kernels binaries are precompiled under an older Catalyst
driver. That is, delete all *.bin* files from SETI project directory, revert to Catalyst 12.8 or 12.10, or
upgrade to Catalyst 13.2 or later, process at least one task (check that those *.bin* files were generated
again) and (if needed) update to Catalyst 13.1. New builds with versioned binary cachase will require
additional step: to rename old bin_* files to match name (driver version part of name) of newly generated

There are parameters in bonic/seti mb*.txt command line. you can play with to try to stop the video driver from crashing. I never had very good luck with them.

I eventually sold my A-10 to a non-Seti person since I was not getting much production out of it.

A proud member of the OFA (Old Farts Association).
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : AMD APU Corrupt Video System Freeze

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