Liquid Metal thermal paste, just shocked.

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Message 1842528 - Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 3:39:40 UTC

I figured I would let you guys all know about my CPU adjustments this weekend being cooling CPU's is of interest to you all.

I purchased a tool from Overclockers UK to delid my processors. I could then use the Liquid Metal thermal paste in between the CPU and the TIM and the top of the TIM to the heat sink . I have read from others that it was pretty good at making a noticeable improvement in cooling performance. I was not expecting it to be as good as I read. I have seen a 17C drop in my max temps.

The first system I tried it on was an i7 4790K that has been overclocked to between 4.6-4.7G at 1.25v with a Noctua NH-D15. Max temps were 76C on everything but Prime 95 v28.10 and then they were 95C. Now after the application of the Liquid Metal my temps are max 78C on Prime 95 v28.10. I don't see above 60C on anything else. I was able to adjust the CPU voltage to 1.24 from 1.25v so that isn't much of a change to make that much difference in heat, and I checked it by adjusting it back. My low CPU temps have gone down also. I was seeing 28C for a low temp and now I am seeing 22C.

Now I had tried Arctic Silver and Phanteks PH-NDC before and I had been using the Phanteks before without deliding the CPU. None of them seemed to make more than a 1-2C change from the stuff that came with the Noctua cooler. So when I saw a 17-18C drop you can imagine how my jaw dropped. I was thinking of doing water cooling before I saw this drop. Now I don't see a reason for it and the water risk and extra maintenance . I am thinking of using this on my GPU's also now.

Below is the Youtube video that gave me the idea to try it. It is in German but you get the idea from his actions on what to do.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Liquid Metal thermal paste, just shocked.

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