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Message 1767549 - Posted: 25 Feb 2016, 18:44:06 UTC

Looking at the Tasks list in BOINC Manager's Advanced View, I've noticed that the "Remaining" time for a running task falls faster than one second per second, indicating that the initial value was overstated. I've seen it fall as fast as six seconds per second, indicating that it was overstated by a factor of six, an extremely poor estimate. As I've been at this for only about ten days, can I expect these estimates to dramatically improve as the system learns more about the speeds of my computers? Do they ever reach what you might call "somewhat accurate"?
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Message 1767556 - Posted: 25 Feb 2016, 19:31:56 UTC

It is a normal behaviour, the situation will get better, and will probably slip back out of accuracy again. Treat the estimate as a pessimistic guess and you won't be disappointed.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Time remaining overstated

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