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Catherine Kenney

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Message 1754526 - Posted: 7 Jan 2016, 9:25:16 UTC


Just downloaded this today. I keep getting this error in the event log:

Thu Jan 7 01:18:08 2016 | SETI@home | [error] No app version found for app setiathome_v8 platform x86_64-apple-darwin ver 802 class ; discarding 03au15bd.32158.466999.12.39.237_0

I have a Mac. Why am I getting this error and how do I fix it? Also, since I am new to this, is there anything I can do to help tasks that are in process? My BOINC Manager reads "No work available to process."

I just want to make sure this is working! Thanks for your help! :)
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Nigel Garvey

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Message 1754535 - Posted: 7 Jan 2016, 10:27:51 UTC - in response to Message 1754526.  
Last modified: 7 Jan 2016, 10:46:21 UTC

Hi Catherine.

It looks like an error at the server end. According to the applications list, new versions of SETI@home's Mac apps (v8.02) were released just today. The message probably means you have v8.02 and one or more of the project servers hasn't (yet) been told it exists. (Something similar's been reported here today.) No doubt it'll get sorted out within a day or two.

It's quite common for BOINC projects to run out of tasks occasionally, but then the message is along the lines of "Project has no tasks."

Edit: I've just re-enabled work fetch on my PPC machine (which had problems with v8.00) and have received a similar "No app version found … ver 802 class …" message, followed by the download of an app with the version number 8.01.
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Message 1754609 - Posted: 7 Jan 2016, 15:30:09 UTC

Mac Pro, OSX 10 Communication Deferred. Update = no help, Reset = no help.
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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Problems- V8 and using a Mac?

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