How much data left to process?

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Message 1747247 - Posted: 6 Dec 2015, 14:36:41 UTC

I'm curious about how much raw data (terabytes? petabytes??) is awaiting initial processing? Or is S@H all caught up? ;-) I haven't found this measure on any of the stats pages - or maybe it's there and I don't recognize it.

Is there a tally (or estimate) of how much raw data has been processed during the lifetime of S@H?


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Message 1747250 - Posted: 6 Dec 2015, 15:01:42 UTC

The amount left to process - it depends on how long the project runs as more data is being added.
Data processed? Richard has collated the number of tapes he has run over the years - take a look at this thread Each "tape" is about 50GB of raw data. I would guess he has seen something like 80% of the actual tapes run. Yes, it is a big number.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : How much data left to process?

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