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Message 1701519 - Posted: 14 Jul 2015, 22:46:02 UTC
Last modified: 17 Jan 2016, 15:35:46 UTC

Some helpful tips when posting on our forums. These tips are in addition to, or an enforment of the rules to the left of every "new post" window.

    *) When your post is acted on by a moderator (deleted, undeleted, moved, locked, etc) you will get a notification email sent to whatever address you have used for your account. The email will include the name and the user number of the moderator. The same email will get sent to the setimods mailing list (seti_moderators at ssl dot berkeley dot edu).

    If you disagree with the moderation, feel free to write to the setimods mailing list. Do not agrue with the moderator in the forum, or post the identity of the moderator. This will not be tolerated.

    Do not repost deleted messages without correcting them to remove the offending portions. Reposting deleted messages will result in banishment. If the moderators agree the message should be undeleted, it will be undeleted. If not it will stay deleted.

    If you include signifcant portions (or all) of a deleted post in your reply, it will be deleted again and you will receive a warning or a ban vote will be started for repeat offenders.

    If you have a complaint about moderation email setimods at Provide details of the problem including details of the post that was moderated and why the moderation is invalid. And "I don't like this moderator because we said nasty things to each other in the past" is not a valid problem.

    *) Do not spam the board with flames. That is not acceptable behavior.

    *) Do not spam the board with multiple threads when a single, consolidated thread will do. Threads may be merged at the discretion of the Moderators.

    *) These forums are a free service on servers controlled by SETI@home, a project supported by the University of California and various funding sources. If we find anything on these forums we deem inappropriate, it will be removed. No debate (public or private) is necessary before removal. Case closed. If you don't like it, we welcome you to have your discussions on one of the almost infinite other forum services elsewhere on the internet. Further violent aggression between users will not be tolerated. Such user accounts may be deleted outright. Note the purposeful use of the word "may" - we don't claim to be 24/7 police force, either.

    *) We don't need to explain our every action. We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody. If you are misbehaving, or simply being a general nuisance, you may quickly find yourself banned from posting.

    *) Any post found to contain offensive messages or profanity in avatars, signatures, or links to inappropriate content will be deleted just as if the message was in the body of the post. Please correct any offending messages in avatars or signatures.

    The rules are the same as for posts. If you aren't allowed to say it in a post, you aren't allowed to say it in your signature.

    Because changes to a signature appear in every post you have made, there will be less tolerance of offensive signatures than there is of offensive posts. Banishment might be the first resort rather than the last.

    *) Threads are automatically locked after 60 days of inactivity (with the exception being unlocked but sticky threads).

    Threads are rarely resurrected after such a long duration of idle time. If you need to bump a thread feel free to red-x a post in the thread (with a message requesting the thread be unlocked and a brief reason why) or email the mod list (setimods at ssl dot berkeley dot edu).

    *) Moderators have the power to initiate a vote to banish a user who is being disruptive without requiring my direct intervention. The voting rules are that at least two moderators must vote to banish and that tie votes go to the person being banished.

    *) Swear words need to be self censored. (&%(^##^ is perfectlly accpetable as is f***, f**k, f-ing, and WTF. This applies to swearing in foreign languages as well. If you do not censor yourself, we will be forced to do it for you. Recidivous offenders will find themselves banned from posting. Bannishments may increase in length of time for repeat offenders at the request of the Mods.

    *) Volunteer forum moderators will no longer be a permanent position. Moderators will be selected for a term of six months to a year, depending on vacancy. Two or three moderators will be chosen every three or four months, with vacancies filled as needed, so as to keep seven active moderators on duty at any time.

    *) Do not post messages on behalf of banned users. They have been banned for unacceptable behavior and have lost their posting privileges for a reason. They can post when their account comes off ban.

    *) Do not post personally identifiable information for yourself or other users. Things such as email addresses, physical addresses, Social Security Numbers (or their international equivalent), etc. should not be posted. These posts will usually be hidden by a moderator when they notice it or it is brought to their attention.

    *) The SETI@Home Moderators do not have access to the email database for all its users. Therefore, the Mods will need to utilize the PM system to send warnings or requests to users. If you take issue with the warning or have a question about it, please do not communicate with Mods using the built-in Private Messaging (PM) system. We have no way to track user messages through the PM system and can offer no protection from repercussions if you use the PM system when you have an issue with a Mod. Please copy the PM into an email and direct all questions or inquiries to seti_moderators at

    Mods are not to accept moderation requests by users by PM. Direct all moderation requests to seti_moderators at or use the red "x" found at the bottom of every post, so it can be seen by a Mod on duty, or if necessary, a discussion about the action can be started.

    *) Do not abuse the Mods via Private Message. If you are upset with an action taken by a Mod, please direct your responses to seti_moderators at so your complaint can be reviewed by the entire team. If you are unable to control your outbursts toward a Mod via PM, I fully authorize them to block any user to prevent further abuse. Their PM box is their private inbox and as such they do not need it filled with insults or other unhelpful messages of discontent. We have an official communications medium in place, please use it.

    *) If you are receiving any unwated private messages (PMs), feel free to add their User ID to your Filtered Users list in Community Preferences.

If you have any questions or concerns, my Private Message box or email address is always open to all.


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Please note all policies are subject to change without notice.

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Message 1985908 - Posted: 18 Mar 2019, 23:53:54 UTC
Last modified: 19 Mar 2019, 0:20:00 UTC

The current Volunteer Moderators are:

Bernie Vine
Martin (ML1)
Rob Smith
Angela Korpela
Mr. Kevvy
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