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W H Headrick

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Message 1662480 - Posted: 8 Apr 2015, 5:51:13 UTC

I have recently decided to restart donating my spare computer time to SETI again.
I would like to know how I can restart using my old or original account.
I have the account number and some of the details but I do not remember the actual email address that was used or have access to the last computer that was active.
Is it possible to write or speak to someone who can help me get back on line with my original account?
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Message 1662589 - Posted: 8 Apr 2015, 14:41:20 UTC - in response to Message 1662480.  

Is it not "possible to write or speak to someone" because you have no way to proof you are the owner:
(found by "User search")

The name "William Headrick" do not identify the account (e.g. there are many "John Doe")

There are two ways to identify the account:
- by <authenticator> ("account key")

The following link will give info how to use it if you have it:

You can find the old-account <authenticator> if you have access to some of yours old computers/HDDs/backup of BOINC Data directory

- by email / password pair

The email don't need to exist/be active
- try any email + password you may think of (the password is the one used for the SETI@home account, not for the email)

- ALF - "Find out what you don't do well ..... then don't do it!" :)
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Restart SETI@Home using old account

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