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Message 1650793 - Posted: 8 Mar 2015, 20:16:51 UTC

Maybe it's just me, but I would love to be able to purchase something that shows of the project with the money going to finance it too. Specifically, something like a shirt, lapel pin, and/or a membership card.

Speaking of membership card, is there anyway of printing the certificates in a smaller size so I could get them laminated as if it was like a membership card?
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Message 1650897 - Posted: 9 Mar 2015, 2:33:41 UTC - in response to Message 1650793.  
Last modified: 9 Mar 2015, 2:39:56 UTC

"It is official! 15th Seti Anni Shirts are a go":

(ask in that thread if they exist now and how to get)

As for "printing the certificates in a smaller size" it's up to you
Make "Photo certificate" or "Modern" - they generate 900 x 675 .jpg files
Save the image and resize as you wish

- ALF - "Find out what you don't do well ..... then don't do it!" :)
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