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Message 1468261 - Posted: 24 Jan 2014, 15:54:24 UTC

I have been studying the two files App_Info and App_Config. The two files are very similar in structure so the question comes to mind concerning the use of these files. They are both placed in the same folder. How does Boinc utilize these two files? Can one be used but not the other? In other words are both files required?

I understand that Lunatics installer creates the App_Info file for the optimized apps. Does it exist before the optimized files are installed? If one removes the App_info file will Boinc revert to stock apps without destroying the work that is on the computer?

I also understand that the settings in App_Config override the settings of App_Info. So is the App_info file then redundant and could be removed?

In short....why two files with similar settings for Boinc?

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Message 1468262 - Posted: 24 Jan 2014, 15:55:46 UTC

Well, for one, app_config will not work with my chosen version of Boinc.
app_info does.
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Message 1468271 - Posted: 24 Jan 2014, 16:10:40 UTC - in response to Message 1468261.  

app_info has to be used if you want to use an application (program) different from the one supplied automatically by the project.

app_config can be used to modify a limited number of the parameters for running a task - and yes, it can be used in conjunction with app_info, though it can be used with the stock application too. Think of it perhaps as 'app_info lite'.

A big advantage of app_config is that you can change it, and then 'Read config files' while BOINC is running. The changes take effect immediately. Because app_info is the 'heavy' version, you have to shut down BOINC and re-start it for changes to take effect.
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Message 1468273 - Posted: 24 Jan 2014, 16:11:57 UTC - in response to Message 1468261.  

app_config is more recent addition that allows to control stock app execution w/o going completely to anonymous platform.
That way one can run few stock app instances at once for example but still to keep ability of auto-update app when server releases new one.
One could say "best of two worlds".
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Message 1468281 - Posted: 24 Jan 2014, 16:26:21 UTC

Just be aware, that if you use the 'max_concurrent' feature, it is not properly tied into workfetch yet and may at worst see you with idle devices if left completely unattended.
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