Will my old GPUs work?

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Message 1450193 - Posted: 5 Dec 2013, 6:14:17 UTC

Howdy all.

I've been doing the computer parts shuffle today and was wondering;

If I slapped my Radeon HD4600 and a Radeon HD4300/HD4400 into my old Athlon 64 x2 system (I use it as a internet TV streaming box), are there any projects that could make use of the old GPUs? I'm hoping to break into the top 3000s for US contributions soon, so every little bit of processing would help me get to that milestone :)

I seem to recall that my HD4600 would occasionally get some use on some projects, but I can't recall which.

I mostly do World Community Grid and some SETI these days. If any other projects would be able to make constant use of my old GPUs, I'll be happy to lend their cycles.

Suggestions appreciated.

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Message 1450242 - Posted: 5 Dec 2013, 13:03:05 UTC - in response to Message 1450193.  

Older, low-end GPUs don't have a large enough "work group size" to properly run the SETI@home GPU application successfully. This was true for my HD 4650 and HD 4670, so I'm sure your HD4600 and HD4400/4300 fall into this category as well.

As for other projects... not sure. You'd have to ask them.
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Message 1458302 - Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 22:38:21 UTC

one of my older machines is running an Asus MB with onboard hd3300 and using the stock BONIC install for Seti at home, it gets work units from AP. Yes they take forever to run, but at least it's using that one core for something. The AMD X4 920 is crunching away on MB work units.

So yes, put it together, and let it cruch.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Will my old GPUs work?

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