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Rob in Manitoba

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Message 1222736 - Posted: 24 Apr 2012, 8:51:48 UTC - in response to Message 1188290.  

There is a song, as well as an album (making the song a "title track" by "RHCP" (Red Hot Chili Peppers) called Californication, as well.
I'm surprised no one already posted that; apologies if someone did & I just plain missed it.
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Profile Ronald R CODNEY

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Message 1223117 - Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 9:40:38 UTC

The previous posts may be "technically" news, but not technical news as the caption so designates.
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Message 1223128 - Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 11:38:53 UTC

Ronald, we are all very grateful to Matt for posting what he does here, because if he didn't, no one else would. Hence we don't mind if we have a bit of slack or tangential comment in this thread from time to time.

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