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Message 949527 - Posted: 24 Nov 2009, 22:46:11 UTC

At the end of the day yesterday our raw data file server lost a drive. The bottom line as far as you're concerned is that we had to stop the creation of workunits until we got on top of the RAID resync issues this morning. But by then we were into our normal weekly outage, so you've been unable to get any work for a while, and will continue to not be able to do so until I start splitting up again - probably later this evening.

Meanwhile, every other part of the project is coming back online. We're testing the new mysql commit behavior (mentioned in yesterday's post). It's not looking good right out of the gate, but that may be due to mysql needing to read everything back into memory again after a bounce to pick up the configuration change. I may have to bounce it again if it continues to be a problem. I hope not, but it's no big deal either way.

Looks like Bob got most, if not all, the corrupt astropulse table finally copied over to another table so we can drop/recreate the data and get rid of this corruption (which has been causing us random headaches over the past month or two). I just ran some preliminary tests on the data integrity. Looks good.

- Matt

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Message 949543 - Posted: 25 Nov 2009, 0:18:54 UTC - in response to Message 949527.  

Thanks for the update Matt. They are always appreciated.

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Message 949550 - Posted: 25 Nov 2009, 0:47:04 UTC - in response to Message 949527.  

I was wondering why all I saw was "Project has no new tasks" every time I updated. Looking forward to getting my stats back up!
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Message 949567 - Posted: 25 Nov 2009, 1:46:46 UTC

Matt - thanks for the info.

Any idea when new data will be available from Out There?
Just wondering, as you must be making a lot of progress through the s/w processed data by now...
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Raymond Sullivan

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Message 949856 - Posted: 26 Nov 2009, 4:28:23 UTC

Seems like your equipment is failing often. Are we making progress or just treading water.??
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