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Message 878609 - Posted: 23 Mar 2009, 16:50:38 UTC - in response to Message 878549.  

Do you mean these ones?

sah_validate1 bruno Not Running
sah_validate2 bruno Not Running
sah_validate3 bruno Not Running
sah_validate4 bruno Not Running

I sent a mail to the mod-list, just in case.

Yep, those are what I meant!

Hello, from Albany, CA!...
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Message 878712 - Posted: 23 Mar 2009, 23:16:16 UTC - in response to Message 877728.  

Maybe a dumb question... But can't you just copy the database from bambi back over to thumper? I've had to do that to recover with a warm standby using SQL Server; tricky but it worked. Or is thumper OK to just let the RAID recover on its own?

Yes, and no. Yes, it would be possible, however, with several TB of data, it would take a long time. I believe that the last time that something like this had to be done, the project was off line for almost a week.

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Message boards : Technical News : Ngo (Mar 19 2009)

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