What is the best way to set up 6.4.6

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The Weasel

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Message 871577 - Posted: 3 Mar 2009, 1:48:04 UTC

I am running this computer:

CPU type GenuineIntel
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz [Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7]
Number of processors 4
Coprocessors NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS (512MB)
8G Ram

My question is? Is it better for me to run all astropulse/ap5 units, because seti enhanced triggers my cuda and the amount of credit claimed is always greater than my wingman doing that same task with the same computer but no nvidia card, and I drop one processor due to cuda. Should I just disable cuda for now? I'm just trying to get the most credit for this machine. What should I be running? Anyone please help, if you need I'll turn on the show computers. Just a little help from someone who knows, Thank You.
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The Weasel

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Joined: 6 Jun 99
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Message 871895 - Posted: 4 Mar 2009, 2:19:19 UTC - in response to Message 871577.  


No one, seriously, disable cuda or keep it running, everyone with a quad core system has to be trying to figure it out. To read all the boards, ive spent 3hrs so far, trying to figure out how I can get the most credit with my system, someone has to have tried a couple of things so far. Is it better for my system to run 3 processors(.03 processors, 1 cuda) and the 4th feed cuda vs disable cuda (task manager says i am using 78% max of my systyem) or run all 4 cores at 100% with cuda disabled. This is for version 6.4.6, nonthing overclocked, stock machine. I enabled cuda about 1.5 months ago and it killed my system, since 6.4.6 and the newest drivers, it seems to run fine. I'm just lookin for a little input from users that have a quad core and if they have any suggestions on which is better, all 4cores vs 3plus cuda. Thank you, again.
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Message 871909 - Posted: 4 Mar 2009, 2:50:48 UTC - in response to Message 871895.  

CUDA is still new. I haven't seen too many people trying to decide which is best because they are busy trying to find the best of both worlds: use all cores and the GPU. Much headway has been made over in the Number Crunching forum in regards to this.

...but as you say, not much attention has been paid to the current setup leading me to believe that it is unsatisfactory for users interested in performance.
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Message 872034 - Posted: 4 Mar 2009, 14:35:39 UTC - in response to Message 871577.  
Last modified: 4 Mar 2009, 14:45:15 UTC

I am using 6.4.5
But on my system Cuda is much faster at completing the tasks than my normal CPU, though that may depend on the Graphics Card I have.
eg... In the "Tasks" tab under "To Completion" I have had tasks claiming that they would need to take 3 hours and a few minutes, which when run on Cuda only take about 3 minutes and 20 seconds
I think with any Graphics Card it is likely to be faster anyway though.
Also when the GPU has no Cuda work to do then the CPU goes back to using all 8 cores on my system and presumably would do so for your 4 core system. This happens when the Cuda work is done but there is still enough other work to keep the CPU cores busy, then when the CPU cores workload reaches a sufficiently low amount it asks for more work and then downloads some which includes more Cuda work for the GPU's to complete too.

My PC is...
Zalman GS1000 Black Case
2x Zalman 9700 LED CPU Fans
Intel Skulltrail i5400 Express Motherboard
4x 2GB Corsair DDR2 800MHz RAM
2x Intel Xeon E5472 3GHz Quad Core Processors
2x nVidia XFX GTX280 1Gb PCI Express Graphics Cards
2x SATA Western Digital Raptor 150Gb 3.5" HDD's
2x SATA Western Digital Velocoraptor 300Gb 3.5" HDD's
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 1200W PSU
Vista Ultimate + SP1
19" AG Neovo Monitor
DVD RAM Drive 48 Speed.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : What is the best way to set up 6.4.6

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