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Message 853805 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 15:47:03 UTC

Does it matter what drivers to install, the ones listed on Nvidia Cuda download page or the lastest 'normal' release on their driver page?

Is there something special about the ones you can download from the Cuda page?

I read that the latest release of 'normal' drivers support Cuda, if that is the case, why the special Cuda drivers? Just curious.

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Message 853829 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 16:40:08 UTC - in response to Message 853805.  
Last modified: 15 Jan 2009, 16:59:13 UTC

Newer nvidia driver-packages (past cuda release) have cuda-driver included.
Look at the marked line in driver overview on this pic. All driver are from same package ...
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : CUDA Drivers vs 'Normal' Drivers

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