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Message 850728 - Posted: 8 Jan 2009, 4:29:02 UTC
Last modified: 8 Jan 2009, 4:43:23 UTC

first of, its speed! its like looking at a cluster of boxes chugging away at the WU´s, awesome.... but REALLY not ready for anything but early beta..

first problem:

Stuttering windows.. all from a few seconds to a minute, video playback freezes, mouse pointer cant move, and i get dropped characters when typing.. sound does not seem affected..

is that really the case? is my gfx just to slow, will this NEVER be solved by software?

second problem:

units stalling... i´v noticed that a cupola times it just stops working on a unit, stalls, and nothing gets it cracking again except a reboot... ;(

third problem:

snow... my experiences with snow is always the gpu being clocked to high, or when the fan has failed, leeding to whatever happens, resulting in snow, but i get the problem even when the gpu isn't clocked, or underpowered, even temp does not seem to be relevant, and it sometime persists even when not starting the boinc-apps.

forth problem:

under performing... units, either i run default config (1cpu+1gpu), and watch my other projects utilizing just 50% or my cpu´s cycles, OR i try add the cc_config.xml with config for my real numer of cores (2+1=3), and watch the cuda app underperform..

fifth problem:

units not done...

sometimes after i get the second problem, or sometimes when boinc-computation has been shut down or put on pause, i get a 10second lockup, and the unit goes to 100%, either reporting as a computational error or just done, but thay cant be done that fast, not that manny in a row.

links to 2 units, - reported error - reported success.

1. a link to the task that had the error.


2. the driver version that you are using.


3. OS type (XP/Vista) 32 or 64-bit.

xp, sp3, 32. (i had all the same problems on same driver under windows 7)

a) state if you overclock the GPU and if so by how much?

def is 600/900MHz, and i usually clock it just 650/950.

b) tell if you have tried to clock the GPU to default speeds and still see the problem?


c) did you set the fan speed manually to anything else than default?

my fan is not controlled by thermistor or software or a potentiometer, my fan runs on 12v from psu secondary and is never off. (and i have verified this with a flashlight, just now)

d) which program(s) do you use to overclock the GPU, fan etc.?


e) which program(s) do you use to keep check of the GPU?

speedfan, gpuz..

sorry, but im back to folding@home-gpu until some of thees issues can be resolved, cant be botherd to put boinc in snooze every time i wanna watch a clip, or do whatever realy..

i want it to work like it always has, download seti@home command line, download seti driver, put it the right place and start that sucker up, and put it in auto start, and it will be there until forever (or thay decide they wanna change it to boinc), so download boinc, dubbleclick and click next a few times, and leave it, and it will be there, running until forever, never bothering you, never showing sighns of itself beeing there, just being a little icon in the lower left corner of my eye, looking for aliens...
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Message 851279 - Posted: 9 Jan 2009, 14:18:06 UTC - in response to Message 850728.  

and now i tryed with 181.20 driver, still same problems.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : my few problems with cuda

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