Not uploading S@H MB or CUDA

Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Not uploading S@H MB or CUDA
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Message 841651 - Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 21:26:19 UTC
Last modified: 18 Dec 2008, 21:37:23 UTC

Well, as of a this morning I have not been able to upload any of the S@H modules whether they are enhanced or CUDA. This is what I keep getting.

12/18/2008 1:45:14 PM|SETI@home|Started upload of 22no08ae.19360.481.4.8.94_2_0
12/18/2008 1:45:36 PM||Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
12/18/2008 1:45:36 PM|SETI@home|Temporarily failed upload of 22no08ae.19360.481.4.8.94_2_0: connect() failed
12/18/2008 1:45:36 PM|SETI@home|Backing off 1 min 0 sec on upload of 22no08ae.19360.481.4.8.94_2_0
12/18/2008 1:45:37 PM||Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.

I have pages of this. I have tried "Do network communication" as well as restarting my system, shutting down Boinc and restarting it etc. Nothing helps. Am I the only one still having this problem? What, if anything, can I do to get these uploaded before they expire?

Oh guess I should give you this info as well,

Vista 64bit, 6GB, C2D E8400@3GHz, nVidia 8800GT w/512MB Driver v180.48
Boinc 6.4.5 64bit
rosetta@home, superlinkattechnion, Einstein@Home, Milkyway@home, SETI@home, SETI@home Beta Test

Any help would be appreciated.
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Message 841663 - Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 21:55:47 UTC

Same here. Stay cool and wait. I am sure the crew will fix the problem very soon.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Not uploading S@H MB or CUDA

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