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Message 654783 - Posted: 5 Oct 2007, 22:36:46 UTC
Last modified: 5 Oct 2007, 22:53:21 UTC

Everything worked fine until the latest version of BOINC. Running SETI on my old PC, WU seem to just stop computing. The CPU time stops & the percentage done stays the same, yet under messages, it says everything is normal (starting tasks, suspending tasks - user is active, starting, etc... just whenever I waken the screensaver). Even setting BOINC to always run doesn't cause BOINC to crunch. The screeensaver does come on, and after leaving it for a while, it only crunches for a minute before stopping (CPU time). Graphics do come up. I've tried upgrading, downgrading, & reinstalling the current BOINC client... which seems to make the WU to start again after each install, but only for a period of time before it stops again. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

Thanks ^_^ !

EDIT: When BOINC is set to Always Run, the screensaver does not come on. The screen goes blank, the BOINC logo shows up in the top-left corner of the screen for a second, goes blank again. The toolbar also shows up & disappears every now and again with "darkness" above the toolbar.
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Message 654955 - Posted: 6 Oct 2007, 5:11:47 UTC

My recommendation is to stop using the BOINC screen saver. First off it's not much of a "saver", second it can cause a performance hit on a machine and slow down crunching to a crawl (as it sounds like it is doing on your machine). All the screen saver processing is eating up your CPU time. I personally shut off my monitor, or use "blank". Those other 3D screen savers can also be CPU intensive.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Not Crunching...

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