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Message 77359 - Posted: 7 Feb 2005, 13:09:33 UTC

I've found it this morning, through the versiontracker site, but you can find it at It's Deep Thought, and solves all the problems of those people - like me - who doesn't like too much a command-line to run boinc :-). Easy to use, it's working on three separate projects and - 'til now - I haven't experienced any problem. Works under mac 10.2 or later.
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Message 77835 - Posted: 9 Feb 2005, 16:43:32 UTC


It beats Seti Control because it does the other projects as well.
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Message 80824 - Posted: 19 Feb 2005, 6:54:35 UTC

I've mentioned a shortcoming of Deep Thought in 11695:80923 that affects multiple users.

Otherwise, it's the greatest thing since System 7.1 Pro and A/UX! :-D
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Message 81976 - Posted: 22 Feb 2005, 21:08:27 UTC

It solved my problem. Seti Control would only run SETI, of course. I wanted to run Einstein also. It was a mess trying to run both and then getting them to merge into one account without Deep Thought and without good Command Line skills.

I am a little confused about how it, or BOINC, decides which one should be running at any particular time. Most of the time it seems to switch between SETI and Einstein every hour. I have my preferences set so they should be run 50/50. I have two processors. Sometimes it runs Einstein on one processor and SETI on the other. It was switching every hour all night, then for some reason its been running only Einstein since 7:30 this morning, 9 hours straight so far. And I do have unprocessed SETI units.

Fortunately, I don't really care which one is running.


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Message 82538 - Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 10:49:59 UTC - in response to Message 77835.  

> Thanks
> It beats Seti Control because it does the other projects as well.

Yes, I did not manage with the command line hassle. Probably because my unix skills are datimg back to '75.

Greenkeepersoftwares Deep Thought is working fine with Seti and Einstein now. Which is nice since project servers are not up all the time. Just that little "crossword" in upper stripe indicating that it is there.

They have released now 1.1 version which adds some options in log and fixes bugs.

Thank you Lana
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