SETI@home Donation History Since 2 Jun 2020

Below is a monthly overview of all the donations made to SETI@home since 2 Jun 2020. This is not an official financial report - it is for general feedback purposes only. We are not responsible for missing or inaccurate entries due to network errors, delayed financial transactions or other problems.

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Donations to SETI@home Since 2 Jun 2020:
Number of Donations:18
Total Donations:$ 644.50
Smallest Donation:$ 10.00
Largest Donation:$ 100.00
Average Donation:$ 35.81
Median Donation:$ 25.00
Donation Rate (per day):$ 0.86
% of Volunteers that have Donated:0.00%

Monthly Detail: (click on month name for daily detail)

MonthAmountNumber of DonationsMean Donation
Jun 2020 $105.00 5 $21.00
Jul 2020 $225.00 3 $75.00
Aug 2020 $125.00 3 $41.67
Sep 2020 $15.00 1 $15.00
Oct 2020 $174.50 6 $29.08

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