Run SETI@home on your NVIDIA GPU

Most computers are equipped with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that handles their graphical output, including the 3-D animated graphics used in computer games. The computing power of GPUs has increased rapidly, and they are now often much faster than the computer's main processor, or CPU.

NVIDIA (a leading GPU manufacturer) has developed a system called CUDA that uses GPUs for scientific computing. With NVIDIA's assistance, we've developed a version of SETI@home that runs on NVIDIA GPUs using CUDA. This version runs from 2X to 10X faster than the CPU-only version. We urge SETI@home participants to use it if possible. Just follow these instructions:

(Note: CUDA apps are supported only on Windows and Linux; Mac OS X support is coming soon.)

1) Check whether your computer has a CUDA-capable GPU

CUDA programs work on most newer NVIDIA GPUs. To find out if your GPU is compatible:

2) Get the latest BOINC software

Download and install version 6.4.5 or later of the BOINC software.

Protected Application Execution mode is incompatible with CUDA, so be sure to install BOINC with the default options.

3) Get the latest NVIDIA driver

Run BOINC, and look at the Messages. If BOINC reports a CUDA device, your current driver is OK. Otherwise download and install the latest driver (a reboot will be required).

You're done! Now start up BOINC, and soon you'll be racking up big credit numbers.

Other projects with CUDA applications:

Of course, you can attach to other projects too; BOINC will keep both your CPU and GPU busy.

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