Advanced Users

Some users have created modified versions of Astropulse (or SETI@home) that are intended to run faster on their own computer. We don't provide a lot of support for this; if you want to do this you are mostly on your own. However, we do provide the astropulse portion of the app_info.xml file that you will need. Even if you want to optimize SETI@home and not Astropulse, you will still need an app_info.xml entry for Astropulse.

To update your applications:

Note that if you restart BOINC too soon (without rebuilding the app_info.xml file first), the executable files you have just downloaded will be deleted, and you'll have to start again. Also, if you have BOINC v6.2.14 or higher, that file location should be ...\BOINC Data\... instead of ...\BOINC\... This directory may be hard to find, but see the faq at

The app_info.sam file below contains text that should be inserted into your existing app_info.xml, either before or after the similar block used by seti@home, but still inside the <app_info> tags. When you edit your app_info.xml, be sure to remove any space before a backslash: <main_program/>, rather than <main_program   />. These tags will evidently cause problems after the file is edited, if the space is not removed.

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