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** 2012 *********** ************ ********** ********** ********* ****** ******
I have just been informed by Seti@Home that I am the user of the day. Great Suprise. Thank you! Let me quickly update my profile in case somebody really reads it, though probably not too many. :-)))

Well, It was really funny to read the staff I wrote 10 years ago, a bit like time travel, lol :-))) I keep it, will be even funnier 10 years later.

Now I live in London, UK and I'm still enthusiastic about science,finding alien life and in general everything that is connected to these subjects. Preferences do change by time tough, don't they? :-)))

Now I have a beautiful wife and two small kids. Apart from their regular (normal) names I gave them "space" names too, which probably will tell a lot about me and hopefully will tell them a bit about what their father wanted them to become. A 3yrs old called Sol (Sun), the 1 year old called Daneel (Asimov: Foundation series), both registered names. :-))))

I have travelled to Sri Lanka in 2007 where I meet Sir Arthur C Clarke. It was a great experience. He was funny and really seemed to care about visitors. As a Hungarian (ex Eastern block) I was honoured by him taking on a sport uniform he got from Gagarin. Epic. :-))) He died later that year. I'm glad that I could see him in life.

There are several new people I really do appreciate. Before everybody else is Elon Musk. If I could change life with somebody I would change with him the most. But there are others I like: Guys from Scaled Composites, Richard Branson (Virgin Galagtic) and anybody working in Spaceport America.

One more thing. Since 2001 I employ people and in the last 5 years the last question in any interview was the following: "Please give answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and Everything" I actually give preference to people with a two digit answer. Really. :-))

** 2001 **********************************************************************
HI! I'm a 26 years old young man, running my own business in Hungary. I was 11 only when I finished the first sci-fi book in my life. Now I'm a fun of Asimov, C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem, Bradbury, Paul Davis etc... Is there anyone who could explain for me why didn't write a sentence about aliens, about the CONTACT such a big brain like ASIMOV in his Foundation series???

Otherwise I do belive the meaning of life is 42. :)))) I studied Phisics at the University of Pecs, in Hungary.

What else...... If you want to speak about spinning magnetic fields, or about not public information about TESLA, or you have many info about the ITER do not hesitate to cantact me on
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** 2012 **********************************************************************
I hope the new Alan Space Telescope Array will really improve Seti’s chances to get that particular signal. Keep up with the good work guys. I am not sure if we ever find them
“But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space”
CQ, CQ, this is W9GFO

** 2001 **********************************************************************
I do belive extraterrestrial life exists. I do belive we live in a universe which is adjudicated to hold the life or live in its own. I think life exists everywhere it has a tiny chance to do it. I think the feature of the matter is to form to complex systems, which seems Chaos most of the time, but it is the seed of the Life. (I would be surprised if we wouldn't find something under the ice of Europa)

When we will discover it? I hope today, but please still in my life!!!

Benefits? I hope we will have benefits mainly emotionally.
Dangers? I hope it won't be an other reason to buy and build new weapons and armies. (On the other hand if it would be, we would discover THEM tomorrow)

I think we shouldn't send Math forms, PI, or anything like this. We should send Carmina Burana, and I wouldn't be surpised if we recieved music as well.

I run SETI because I want to be a part of the team who discovered the Aliens.
I think SETI should not only listen only for signs, but should try to understand the noise in every case we listen stars like ours. How our planet sounds from a few light years distance?

Keep continue!!! You are on the right tack!!!
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