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After taking an Astronomy 101 class, I now posess a little 'nawledge' and I agree it is a very dangerous thing. Now attending an MIT of the Northwest that supports innovative teaching styles.TESC.

Age: Old

Occupation? occu. . . , patience . . . . (what)? (patience in observation)

Hobbies? Staring at imaginary(?) objects light years away. Black & White low ASA/ISO large format Photography, alternative video art.

"Visualize Whirled Peas"!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Finally growing up and education are responsible for giving my life back to me, in that I sincerely treasure integrative and independent critical thought. As I have yet to attain the zenith of my own education yet, I can at least express honestly the profundity, scope and the fusion of my experiences as I use my faculty to reflect on the innermost personal and communal connotations of my learning and experiences, and learning about myself and my responsibility to my community.

Being 62 years old I cannot believe how much everything continues to amaze me as I continue to learn. I have never been so happy to be alive with the realization that we each have a destined day of atonement at our passing.

As a flawed human being I do realize that I am but a mere fiber in this web of life where we are all connected in some way or another, whether or not we choose to believe it. It sickens me to be aware of the fact that as a contemporary society we have sent people and thinking machines far away to other planets and moons, and that our technologies are increasing exponentially as we make inroads in the sciences and medicine, we still remain elusive of the simple fact that we are each but mere fibers in this web of life where we are all inextricably connected in one way or another, and whether one chooses to believe it or not. What happens to one part of community affects the whole community. When one segment of society is marginalized for so long that it is the whole community that eventually pays the exacting price.

If we truly want to reach out beyond our home, it must be we as humanity and not just a chosen few or we have learned nothing at all.

SETI@Home saved my sanity (all three brain cells). I refuse to believe that all the math, knowledge, and the existance of human thought, perception, imagination, and art in the universe, started from some galaticlly produced primordial ooze. Did God have an orgasm and was reminded later of whom he/she/it was with? Let's open dialogue about God's "other sheep." Baaa. . .! Awww, come on. It's been a long week.

I do not mind chage, however, I was more comfortable with 'the classic SETI@HOME. Change is good, at times.

And finally for you Quantum possibilityphiles: If God in his, her, or its wisdom ever made Chocolate Chip cookies, how many were made? How many would you make? Stands to reason. . . don't you think?
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