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Personal background
I'm currently an medecine intern, working in a pneumologia service and also working some nights in ICUs and Emergency Units.

I'm very interested in music (playing, composing, hearing...) and in computers... In fact, I first touch a computer some 20 years ago, when I was less than 10 yo...

I'm also a great SciFi reader and fan... And Extraterestrial life has always been a question for me.

So, Working altogether at the Seti@Home project was something very natural for me.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
extraterrestrial life certainly exists... see Fermi's paradox.

But the question of an intelligent extraterestrial lifeform is more interesting...
And if you put in focus the fact that Seti@home is scanning the sky for signal that were emitted thousands of thousands year before now, it means that:

1-if we find something, the emitter might as well have disappeared a long long time before
2-if it didn't, we won't be able to extract accurate informations about their current way of life (just imagine people up there receive images from prehistoric ages and then interpolate them to guess our present way of life... funny, no?)
3-if we don't find anything, it won't mean that there's nobody out there... ETs that would do the same as SETI@home right now, but are distant, say 1000 light years won't receive much from us... But we are existing, aren't we?

So, what is interesting in running the Seti@home project is not "NOT FINDING" something, since it wouldn't mean anything.
It's neither "FINDING" something, since we have very little chance of finding even something obvious... We might just be looking the wrong way at the right moment...

What is interesting is to BELIEVE that searching is important, even if chances are small that something is discovered...

What would have happened if people like De Vinci had said:"no use to dissect cadavers, I will certainly not find anything useable right know for human kind"...

The important thing is to SEARCH, because you never know where it will lead you in the future... And that's what human life is all about!
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