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I live near Cambridge,England and have had the privilege of working in that fine city for 25 years. I served in the Royal Air Force for 9 years which included a tour in the Yemen - nice for a suntan if you like that sort of thing, but me and heat don`t really go together. I came across an article in a newspaper shortly after SETI was launched and, believing that we are certainly not the only form of intelligence in the universe, I was hooked immediately.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Are we alone? Certainly not. Are we likely to either contact or be contacted by another civilisation - how long is a piece of string? Although SETI is scanning for what we believe are frequencies that will produce results, other more advanced civilisations may not - we can only try - we have, after all, a few hundred thousand years left in us yet to find out. What would happen were we to discover `intelligent` signals - well, after the initial `scare` (ie are they coming or aren`t they) some disappointment I should think. Those signals are likely to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. We certainly will not be around were we to send a reply and wait for a reply to our reply. If current science is to be believed, we cannot travel faster than the speed of light - therefore even if we could travel at that speed, a round journey would probably take hundreds of years. The likelihood of actually meeting ET - remote to say the least. Talking to him on the phone - well, probably one day - if you don`t mind the delay !! Why do I run SETI 24 hours a day ? Because I am convinced that other intelligence does exist and am fascinated by the possibility that we may discover it - and I want to be here when it happens !!
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