Obtaining and Compiling Source Code


To ask questions, or to report bugs in the SETI application software, please go to the Help Desk Message board area.

Mailing lists

The follow mailing list is available. Click to subscribe or post to this list.
This list is for people porting and optimizing BOINC applications, including SETI@Home.

Getting source code

You can get the Seti@home for BOINC source code in several ways:

Building the SETI Application

The top level directory of the build tree is seti_boinc. You will need to build the boinc library/api such that the seti_boinc build can find it. See seti_boinc/m4/sah_check_boinc.m4 for the complete list of possible locations. An easy way to arrange things is to put boinc and seti_boinc at the same level:
Once this is set up and you have built boinc, cd into seti_boinc and:

Testing Your Build

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