SETI@home Budget - Winter 2011

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Below is our budget to get through the next phase of operations.

Project/Task Subtotals Total
Database normalization (in order to co-analyze multiple project data sets)10,000 
NTPCker development
  Candidate production code - $20000
  Scoring - $10000
  Presentation (web development for both internal/external purposes) - $10000
RFI rejection (algorithms, analysis, implementation)20,000 
Multiple frequency observing (requires client and backend modifications)30,000 
Continued radar blanking development30,000 
Client maintenance/development30,000 
Preparation for followup observations6,200 
Continued maintenance10,000 
Further development20,000 
Data analysis30,000 
Systems/Day-to-day operations250,000
Internet bandwidth (monthly costs and improvements)40,000
Database administration and support60,000 
Systems administration and support120,000 
Server maintenance and performance monitoring20,000 
Web site development/maintenance10,000 

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