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41) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics Help (Message 1774430)
Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
See my edit to the last post - please try the 32-bit installer first.

Apologies... I really have to avoid writing these things up in the wee hours before I've been sufficiently caffeinated... lol.

I uploaded the correct screenshot replacing the existing one. The problem (which as noted has been ongoing for a few Lunatics versions) is that that it allows only SSE for both MB and AP though both SSE2 and SSE3 are available.


42) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics Help (Message 1774426)
Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
That's very odd - also odd that it's enabled SSE2 for AP, but not SSE3. That looks like a bug in my code: hang on while I check it out, and if that doesn't work, I'll dig out the SSE3 apps for manual installation.

Thanks for the fast reply... it's been like this for at least two, possibly three or four revisions of the Lunatics installer on this machine. Just finally decided to do something about it. :^)

I`m not very familiar with Intel CPU`s but SSE3 and AVX version can be downloaded from my website for manual installation.

Ah right, forgot about Mike's World... thanks. I'll mute my audio and then go there... lol.
Edit: I see only SSE for x86... SSE2 and 3 are both x64 only. Are there 32- bit versions?
43) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics Help (Message 1774416)
Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
I just reinstalled Lunatics on this laptop and the v0.44 installer still doesn't give me the option for SSE2 or SSE3 MB.

CPU-Z shows that this CPU does support both:

If there even is an MB executable that will support this CPU, is there a link to it anywhere? I don't see anything for it at the Lunatics download page nor could I register there to ask. Thanks.
44) Message boards : Cafe SETI : My niece is evil (grin). (Message 1773702)
Posted 24 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Occasionally, pregnancy test jokes can have profound results.
45) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : RFID skimming - or, the best DEfense is a good OFfense. (Message 1772932)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
FWIW, I know a theater manager in Portland, Oregon who uses a base-station-sized jammer on the property. He says it works like a charm.

You may want to let him know that it's quite illegal.

The use of "cell jammers" or similar devices designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications (signal blockers, GPS jammers, or text stoppers, etc.) is a violation of federal law. Also, it is unlawful to advertise, sell, distribute, or otherwise market these devices to consumers in the United States. These devices pose serious risks to critical public safety communications, and can prevent you and others from making 9-1-1 and other emergency calls. Jammers can also interfere with law enforcement communications. Operation of a jammer in the United States may subject you to substantial monetary penalties, seizure of the unlawful equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment.

A highly populated public place such as a cinema increases the odds of a 911 call requirement ie for a medical emergency. When this eventually happens and several bystanders find their cell. phones can't call 911...

What cinemas I've been to do is simply run a short PSA before the show reminding people to mute their ringer and don't talk or text during the show. Anyone doesn't follow this gets shown the door and no refund. Works, and without causing any issues.
46) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXIX (Message 1772896)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Well the top user, with a RAC of 621813, represents 0.001849% of the daily work done here & the combined RAC of the top 20 users comes to 0.02034%. So we are all just drops in the bucket.

I understand that the 9000 series is incapable of error, but it is possible you were looking at total work instead of total RAC...

Total RAC: 175,911,927
Top RAC (currently MJS): 621,813
Top divided by Total ≅ 0.00353 = 0.353%... MJS is doing about 0.353% of the entire project.

The sum of the top 20 contributors is 6,217,815 (very close to ten times that... nice even distribution over twenty.) This is 0.0353 or 3.53% of the total production of the project.
47) Message boards : Number crunching : Apologies to my wing persons (Message 1772824)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
My apologies as well for those awaiting the work units from Beater Cruncher #3... finally succumbed to mainboard failure. It was my first multi-core machine from 8 or 9 years ago when I had just found such things existed (conversation prior to buy was basically "It has four real cores??!" "It does." "I gotta have one!") Its tiny amount of work done belies the 27 million it racked up while on Windows. (Also did a huge amount of hobbyist mod debugging work on several games on it as well.) So long, old timer.
48) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXIX (Message 1772814)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Are low analysing rate users like myself really welcome or should SETI work be left to the rapid analysing users only?

I hope this answers your question.
49) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI/BOINC Milestones [ v2.0 ] - XXIX (Message 1772620)
Posted 19 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Finally reached a hundred mil,
For what discovered? Not much, still.

And many here the same time for,
I'm humbled they've done so much more.

But it hasn't dampened my insistence:
Nothing's found without persistence.

Took sixteen years to get this done...
I'll double it in only one!

I hope. :^)
50) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1772456)
Posted 18 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
I suppose I might consider Linux...but for now that learning curve is far too great for me to address.

Linux was quite difficult for while, but it's a doddle these days with the graphic desktops. I found it easier to install than Windows (the fact that I installed it on six different boards with four different WLAN devices and it flawlessly got both the wired/wireless networking, and audio, running on all of them was a deciding factor.) You can solve 90% or more of any issues you may have with a quick Google, and it's well-known for having a very helpful online community if you're really stuck.

Come to the Dark Side... we have cookies. :^)
51) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The kittyman fundraiser.........yes, on gofundme. (Message 1771736)
Posted 15 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Those of us who know you well know your heart is in the right place and you're trustworthy, but for others who don't, since this fundraiser is a conduit to FVHA, they do have their own donation page already so you could refer any interested donors there.
52) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Spring forward..........reset your clocks. (Message 1771609)
Posted 14 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
I wouldn't mind getting rid of the spring and fall time changes if it were DST all year round. But the whole point is the extra hour of evening time in the spring and summer when it's enjoyable, so we aren't getting home from work and it's too close to darkness to do anything outdoors... I wouldn't call that a silly or bad idea. I also wouldn't want to give that up, just as some don't like like going to work or school in pre-dawn darkness. I consider it an excellent tradeoff, having an extra hour of daylight for half a year - like an entire week of enjoyable spring and summer evenings - added for the price of fiddling with a couple of clocks and watches for a couple of minutes twice a year, and I'd rather lose an hour of morning light wasted either asleep on weekends or commuting on weekdays.
53) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1771259)
Posted 12 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
I've seen numerous reports that if you have Windows 7 and previously noted KB3035583 installed, it is now starting to install Windows 10 automatically, without any notification or permission being given. It does give a 30-day opt-out option after the restart... but really.

Great time to get GWX Control Panel if you haven't already.
54) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What is this mathematical concept called? (Message 1771056)
Posted 11 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Bin packing problem.
55) Message boards : Number crunching : My Titan why so bad results (Message 1770430)
Posted 8 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
If both CPU and GPU work is slow but the CPU itself is sufficient, perhaps cheap memory with a low clock rate is holding it back?

Mainboard make/model and RAM info from CPU-Z would be great.
56) Message boards : Cafe SETI : The joke thread Part 4. (Message 1770340)
Posted 8 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
I just saw this UFO prank. Had to share.

Unfortunately getting:

This video does not exist.
Sorry about that.

57) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1770228)
Posted 7 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Can a single update be uninstalled in Window$ 10? If so I'll have him do that.

Yes... How-To Geek to the rescue again.

I thought the only "choice" one has when it comes to Window$ 10 updates was to schedule a reboot. I didn't know that Window$ 10 had anything other than automatic updates.

Correct... this is a workaround to prevent them by telling Windows that one's connection is metered so that it won't download them until you specify otherwise.
58) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1770180)
Posted 7 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
Is anyone having a problem with an update that came out on Wednesday March 2? Here's why I ask:

A friend of mine is running 10 and he has been having nothing but problems since Wednesday. Just now, while we were in voice chat, his PC rebooted out of the blue. He has Window$ update schedule a reboot instead of just rebooting when it wants to.

I had wanted to post something about this a couple of days ago but forgot to... thanks for the reminder. :^)

It's probably update KB3140743 which has been implicated in causing many problems including BSODs, inability to boot even into Safe Mode, extreme slowdowns, etc.

Hope this helps, and would advise to disable automatic updates.
59) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1769468)
Posted 4 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
@Cosmic_Ocean: Yup I ran into the RTL issue with Mint's default drivers... they last about 15 mins. then need a reboot. Not good for the 2GB apt-get of CUDA!

I tried NFS, but I couldn't get it working either. One of my favourite sites for easy walkthroughs (HowToGeek) came up in my Google results for Samba, so I tried this article and finally the shares appeared and they work perfectly. I finally ran a backup and it was at least as fast as doing so over a Windows share before.

Also ran into my 64GB USB flash drive not mounting. This was solved easily by installing exfat-fuse and exfat-utils; didn't need a reboot and it then mounted and could read/write.
60) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 - Yea or Nay? (Message 1769286)
Posted 3 Mar 2016 by Profile Mr. KevvyProject donor
17.3 Rosa for a couple of weeks. It was recommended by a friend here, and I went for it because, for someone who last installed Linux nigh two decades ago and gave up on it as unusable, it was easy and comes with most things one needs preinstalled and preconfigured, and makes it very easy with the package manager to add more. This is a Linux to answer those who say that it's still not ready for the desktop because it's too complicated. Anyone who can install Windows can install this... it's even easier because of not requiring W/LAN drivers before connecting to the internet.

There are a pile of security updates available from the update manager (another excellent feature which makes the transition from Windows easier) so they must be addressing the security concerns; I would say that they are (were?) behind only because its popularity exceeded expectations. I don't know if they host their own site so I can't blame them offhand for getting hacked, but I got it from the torrent anyways due to them being cryptographically secure as well as using no provider's bandwidth. I'm not worried... already behind a firewall, don't run as root, don't visit malware-laden sites or install dodgy crap from untrusted sources, installing AdBlock/No-Script is the first thing I do after firing up the Fox.

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