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1) Message boards : Politics : Hybrid/electric vehicle not eco-friendly (Message 945502)
Posted 6 Nov 2009 by Profile I C U
Let me be clear; from an ecological standpoint, hybrids are a total failure. But that doesn't stop manufacturers from advertising or people from buying them as the "green" thing to do.

GM went all-out creating an electric, then dropped it like a hot potato. Toyota did a hybrid as an incremental improvement. Gm has to start from scratch again, meanwhile, Toyota has a couple years of knowledge and experience now.

The problem with going electric is holding energy in a useful form. Power density is something like 1/10th, so you've got to carry around large batteries to get some distance of 20, 40, or 60 miles per charge depending on how you drive, so electrics are confined to local driving.

The great things about going electric is that it's worth about 15cents a gallon if you like thinking in those terms, so the trips mentioned above are less than $1....if you are okay with short trips.

If electrics could travel 200 to 500 miles per trip (equal to a tank of gas), there would certainly be a crossover to electrics.

BOINC is a hybrid supercomputer - wonder what our carbon footprint is, how many crunches per kw/h? :)

This depends on how it's used.

If you take earlier versions of BOINC running on windows waiting 3 minutes for no keyboard/mouse activity, then you aren't really making use of spare CPU cycles if a user shuts down after using their computer. The footprint is worthwhile if you count all those business computers burning power during the night.

If you take a computer that has a nice command like in linux, unix, or MAC so that boinc has very low priority and run boinc 100%, then you make use of all otherwise wasted power (including inbetween keystrokes and mouse movements), then you are doing a great job of not wasting power.

Then you have users who are "all about the credits" and go purchase a dozen CUDA boards to build up their credits. If they're doing it to warm the house in winter, great, otherwise, seems like a waste of power, but it's their money and they pay for their power to use it as they please.
2) Message boards : Technical News : Back and Forth (Oct 28 2009) (Message 944526)
Posted 2 Nov 2009 by Profile I C U
Incredible picture of SF, thanks for posting it.

Someone mentioned other projects also using Arecibo. Einstien@home also uses Arecibo too as one example. I'd guess there are other projects too.
I never thought about that...
Do you swap tapes with each other (bigger pool), everyone use the same tape data (for different purposes), or are they just different (everyone has their own separate tape data).
3) Message boards : Number crunching : AstroPulse computing time (Message 849598)
Posted 5 Jan 2009 by Profile I C U
Went to google to see if there was anything concerning AstroPulse AMD and increased time (which led me to this thread). :-/

About a month ago, had an astropulse on my machine, interesting to see one and for curiousities sake, watched as time progressed to see what happened. It originally began at some smaller value like 100 hours and slowly increased until 200+ when done. The end result turned-out to be miscalculated waste of time. :-/

Today, I happened to see my machine processing another Astropulse (I upgraded from boinc 6.2 to 6.4 a few days ago), and I again see that this Astropulse is also slowly increasing in time too. The left side now at 139hours processed while the right side shows 90 hours still to do, but the right side is increasing (time to go).

Is that normal behaviour for time to increase?
This is for an AMD Sempron machine if that info helps.
Stats for this machine are here if that helps:

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