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1) Message boards : Technical News : recent woes (Message 1038933)
Posted 6 Oct 2010 by Profile magpii
I have currently around 30 tasks waiting to be uploaded and according to my statistics chart, it hasn't been updated since sept 21st. I have been trying to manually upload for the past week or so and keep getting the "internet access is ok but servers may be temporarily down" message. Is this due to ongoing tech issues on your end or is there something wrong on my end?
2) Message boards : Technical News : Fill 'er up (Jun 23 2010) (Message 1010493)
Posted 1 Jul 2010 by Profile magpii
thanks, glad to know it wasnt me, got over a dozen tasks needing upload. was beginning to think I had a problem at my end, good to know things will b up and running soon
3) Message boards : Technical News : Fill 'er up (Jun 23 2010) (Message 1010341)
Posted 1 Jul 2010 by Profile magpii
I have been running the seti@home client for a while now and recently found that when I try to update the project, it keeps telling me either it cannot connect to server, or that there is no default internet connection. I dont use a proxy, I run the connection streight through my wireless connection to the router, then to the internet. Is this problem due to recent setbacks at your end or do I need to reconfigure anything at my end? please advise, Thanks
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : running seti@home and milkyway@home (Message 999501)
Posted 29 May 2010 by Profile magpii
Ok, i got my pc and my laptop, I recently decided to have my laptop run milkyway@home, and my pc run seti@home instead of having both computers do both projects. My question is, is it better for them to be on both computers seperatly, or is it better for both computers to have both projects on them. I ask this because i want to get the most out of computation> I have been fiddling about recently trying to get that statistics bar to keep on going up till it reaches a consistant platau. tell me if I need to provide any more info that might help someone to be able to show me how to get the most out of both my laptop and my pc whilst they are in use and also whilst they are idle. Any help would be greatly apreciated
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : my computer has no gpu? (Message 996343)
Posted 15 May 2010 by Profile magpii
It can run on MW if its a double precision card. single precision cards are good on collatz, DNTEC or with Seti for Astropulse if you use the Lunatics hybrid app.

You will have to speak in idiot terms. I dont know much about the technical terms such as "mw" or double precision card etc etc.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : my computer has no gpu? (Message 996342)
Posted 15 May 2010 by Profile magpii
ok thanks for the info, i was just getting a bit worried that my computer wasnt actually crunching anything. I dont suppose you know if there will be an ati patch soon do you? I know its nothing but I hate seeing red error messages anywhere, its like having a smudge on your monitor that just wont go away, very annoying
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : my computer has no gpu? (Message 996151)
Posted 14 May 2010 by Profile magpii
I have recently re installed my operating system, and also i am running bioc client on my laptop too. my laptop is working fine, but my windows 7 pc is bringing up a red error message in the messages box saying that my computer has not got a gpu. can someone please enlighten me as to what this actually meens. will it effect the number crunching done by both seti and milkyway@home. any help on this would be greatly apreciated thank you.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Dreaded HTTP Errors (Message 942013)
Posted 22 Oct 2009 by Profile magpii
hi, I have been having trouble uploading completed data to the seti server, last night and earlier today i couldn't even get on this site, I have 4 lots of data sat on my computer gathering dust.Is this a problem on my end or is seti having some issues?
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : problem with reboot (Message 828868)
Posted 10 Nov 2008 by Profile magpii
i currently have win xp as my primary opperating system but i also have ubuntu as an option on my boot menu. i have installed bionce manager on my xp system but everytime i reboot, it keeps telling me a reboot is required for the manager to work. i have even shut down my computer and re started it but it keeps telling me the same. i think maybe it is because the reboot is not fullfilling properly as it pauses on the system boot option before i give it a command to boot either xp or there a way round this? if so, can anybody tell me what it is? kind regards, peter

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