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1) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA app wanted (Message 841412)
Posted 18 Dec 2008 by Profile Kitter
Tasks are still registered to the machine that downloads them, you can't just pass them around to anyone, just as with normal BOINC.

I know that, I've found a way, how to process a work unit outside the boinc(copy out the wu with app, rename, process, rename back, then put it back to appropriate places), so there is no problem with this for me... and OzzFan, I know the agreement has to be given for running boinc and seti, the owner of the computer agrees with my testing.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA app wanted (Message 841069)
Posted 17 Dec 2008 by Profile Kitter
Hello all, I've just noticed the CUDA application has been released. Just tomorrow I will be sitting in front of a computer with CUDA-enabled graphic card, but there is the problem, the computer doesn't have an internet connection yet and I don't own any of these CUDA graphic cards. So I would like to ask you to send me some links where this app and files like dlls etc. would be available for download, i would like to test the GPU crunching power with Seti@home on my own. I would really need to get those files till 11.00 am GMT +1 time. Thank you.
3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Unknown error(for me) (Message 730720)
Posted 26 Mar 2008 by Profile Kitter
Hello, I don't know, where to put this question... could you please check my result ? I don't know the meaning of the error "The number of results detected exceeds the storage space allocated."
Thanks to all replies
4) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Change where BOINC stores unprocessed WUs? (Message 622259)
Posted 18 Aug 2007 by Profile Kitter
Exactly, each machine that downloads a unit should be the same one that returns the unit. But I have a trick for this. You can run a new job at boinc, then pause it, remember its name, copy state.sah and init_file.xml from the corresponding slot folder, corresponding result and workunit file from the project folder to some new folder and setiathome_etcetc.exe(better one is optimized (eg. SSE2) version from which does not require any extra files) too. Then just rename workunit and result file to work_unit.sah and result one to result.sah. Run the exe file and wait till it completes(eg. at some other computer over network). After the completition do exactly reversed process. Unpause the job and it should resume somewhere around 99%. This process should be sensitive to seti servers when made correctly. So remember to be care - full. Oh and when copying the files back, better shut boinc down, in the first stage it souldnt be necessary.
5) Questions and Answers : Wish list : WUs migrating (Message 619958)
Posted 16 Aug 2007 by Profile Kitter
Since this is a wish list, I wish possibility of migrating workunits from one computer to another. I have been doing this by editing client_state.xml, but it stopped working recently... so i would like, if it would be possible by some 'offical way'. Thanks

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