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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (91) Server Problems? (Message 1590034)
Posted 19 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
My two I7 3770's have been put on my back up projects. The slow one ( it figures ) has enough work for 3 days.
Well it will get sorted out eventualy.
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Just some Questions reguarding SETI@Home. (Message 1590031)
Posted 19 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
And even Moderators get a post hidden and or a time out. I know first hand:)
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Retro: tv,movies,radio, CS,etc. (Message 1590030)
Posted 19 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
I was just 5 years old when Dragnet 1957 was on tv. I remember M squad,Not to be confused with the Mod squad fron the 70's. Gunsmoke with Chester not Festus playing Matts partner. Aslo another show with Broderick Crawford playing a cop. Just cant think of the name. How about Doby Gillis, Father knows best, Our Miss Brooks. The Real Mcoys. Jack Benny, Milton Berle.
A lot of early telivison shows came from radio series.
I lsiten to Radio Clasics on Sirus XM 82. I love those old shows.
Thanks for rekindling some nice memories.

Edit- It was Highway Patrol with Biderick Crawford.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : The current top cruncher (Message 1590005)
Posted 20 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
Maybe NEZ got a new job?


I don't know who Charles Long is, but if any of you know him, please invite him to join the Raccoon Lovers team.

That would be something:)
5) Message boards : Politics : Is conflict needed for human advancement? (Message 1590002)
Posted 20 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
Its not all man made conflicts either. Our planet throws some curve balls to test how tough life is. It seems that life is pretty tough.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (91) Server Problems? (Message 1589998)
Posted 20 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
Eric posted a notice in tech news.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (91) Server Problems? (Message 1589918)
Posted 22 hours ago by Profile James Sotherden
I read on my local news website that Time Warner was having connectivity issues Here in Syracuse NY. All 3 of my machines can connect to the home page at Seti, But I cant report or get any work.
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : My bum's itchy. (Message 1589599)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile James Sotherden
LMAO. I have hesitated to post to this thread for good reasons.
Monday, I suggest a good large dose of kerosene to your ITCHY BUM.
But do not be anywhere near an ignition source.

Celttooth, I can only add my entry. BOOTICAN.
9) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1589596)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile James Sotherden
Let me put it another way. The serum he got was experimental. There were only 2 portions of it. They gave him 1 but he made them give it to his nurse instead. Then they gave him the last one. It's a very time consuming procedure to make the serum, and it doesn't cure you. It only helps to hold off the infection until your body starts to make antibodies. The only cure for this disease is for your body to make Antibodies to the virus. As the infection gets worse, your body tries to fight it off using the natural defenses that it has for all infections. This includes the releasing of chemicals and destroying infected disease or blood. You eventually get to a point where either your body starts to make antibodies and fights of the virus(hopefully) or your body collapses and fails. So it's a balancing act of your body. If you are lucky, your antibodies fight it off. If you aren't, you die. The only preventative measure would be if they manage to make a vaccine for it. And they haven't been able to do that yet. They are attempting to making some but haven't been able to produce one yet. until then its a sit and wait game. The best you can do is supportive therapy for someone.

The fact remains they had to seize the opportunity to recreate the serum for a good cause, especially in a crisis situation like the appearance of the Ebola virus. I guess they just hadn't the funds... Thanx for explaining Zalster:)

Julie, They (were,are) grasping at straws. They havent a clue if the blood plasma thing works.
They were scared crapless that it got so out of hand they would try anything. They got lucky this time. Maybe. It aint over untill the lady sings.
And then I would hope that the medical community from all over the world would step up and say lets get a vaccine for this damn diasese! And the worlds governtments would say, Ok lets do this.
But I doubt it.
Why find a cure that might take lots of money, When we need the money to fight each other over stupid crap.
10) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1588617)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Common sense is long gone from the USA. It's been replaced by the crazies.... Reports are starting to come in about people claiming they have Ebola and showing up at the ER's wanting treatment. They throw the system into chaos and then they find out these people are lying because they want the individual attention. I can't prove it but I bet if they checked( and I'm sure they have checked) these people they would find mental illness. The lockdown of a hospital with a positive patient is a no brainer. Unfortunately we have a CDC and government with no brains...SMH

Then start pressing charges against the idiots and mental cases for filing a false charge.
And you want to relie on western medicine?
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : In case someone saw something in the sky they could not explain (Message 1588587)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
I saw that on the news tonight. Thats one hell of a long time in space.
Kind of makes me wonder if the US is testing a weapon platform or an on command spy camera.
12) Message boards : Politics : Lump of rock or artwork? (Message 1588576)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Christmas Tree?!

That doesn't look like a christmas tree to me.... I'm not saying what it resembles here... its a 'PG-13' forum....

Well if we are playing the hangmans game. Id say it looks like a B_ _ T P_ _ G.

LMAO, But some would call it Art.
13) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1588573)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Makes me wonder what ever happend to common sense in the US.
The Mistakes made are inexcusable. Right from the hospital to the CDC.
From now on any one who treats an Ebola patient should be on lock down right at the hosiptal. They do not go home thet stay in the isolation ward. If the patient lives, The staff who treated him stays in isolation for 21 days. NO exceptions.
An Ebola czar with no medical knowledge at all, Is a joke. It sounds like a feel good measure by an idiot president who has no clue what is going on.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : New PSU blows my mind. (Message 1588564)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Indeed. With a single rail PSU you can't mess up which socket group to use.

That is true. When I did my first build It was recommended that I use a single rail. Yes cable management is harder. (And I stink at it, But my second build is a tad better) But it is safer for the novice builder in opinion. And to tell the truth, I was more afraid of screwing something up on my second build.
15) Message boards : Cafe SETI : My bum's itchy. (Message 1588205)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
OMG. Silly Season is getting near its maximum possible intensity. Sometimes a commercial break is nothing but political ads. Senate candidate A blasts candidate B. Governor candidate C blasts candidate D, invoking the names of the previous governor and two members of the legislature. House candidate E blasts candidate F. Then candidate D blasts back at C and B blasts back at A. F tries to fool you into thinking he's just like E, while some national group not directly affiliated with F blasts at E. And by the way, at least three House races are playing out in the ads on TV and I'm not in the district of any of them. And now back to your program.

All this is also happening on the radio. The blasts are incredibly nasty, too, accusing each other of horrible, sometimes criminal, things.

I agree with that. I think all adds should come from the canadate him or her them selfeves. No national polictical party BS adds at all.
16) Message boards : Politics : Is it time for a repeat of Tiananmen Square? (Message 1588201)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Will China do a repeat in Hong Kong?

What is the world coming to lately?

Will they repeat? Yes. If they have to.

What is The World coming to? Normalcy.

This artificial world of International Trade and International Law, imposed by the Brute Force of The American Military, and Supremacy of its Economy since 1945, is coming to an end. The Empire is fading.

Good luck to Asia, and Western Europe. They will now be under the influence, possibly control, of Non-Lawful Country's: China and 'Greater' Russia.
You sure about that?

US v China?

YES. The USA will not have Economic Dominance, inside China's Sphere of Influence.

The USA, on purpose, is Greatly Reducing its Conventional International Military Power, and doesn't seem willing to Significantly Exert the Power that it has.

Those Country's within China's Future Military Power, and Economic Dominance, will have to take this into account.

What would you do if you were these Country's?

Maybe finanly grow a set. Thtas there neck off the woods. Most of those countries have been screwed over by China for thousands of years. China dosent have a lot of friends in that region.
So if some of those nations started to work together, Whos knows what might hapen.
17) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1588198)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
I see a comedy of errors unfolding.And It aint funny. Ive seen the pictures from Africa that showed the medical people in full decked out gear from head to toe and some of them still got Ebola. Then I read where the nurses in Texas had skin exposed. So Id say the CDC was being over optimistic in what was protective gear.

This was all predicted, but nobody did a damn thing to stop it.
All I heard and read was western medicine will stop it dead in its tracks as soon as it comes into our (Name your country)
Its to bad we have stupid humans who make bad choices to screw things up. As for the CDC letting Ebola Mary fly home was the most stupidest.
I would hope that from now on that if you had contact with some one who has Ebola you go into a 21 day lock down. But thats just common sense. The Politicians dont have any.
18) Message boards : Politics : Chimps... Are they people too? (Message 1587664)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
A 2% difference, between humans and chimpanzees, is probably a very large
difference. There's epigenetics, plus mitochondrial DNA, to factor in.
The spread between us could be astronomical. I'd be very surprised (as
would, probably, a lot of others), if -- in the future -- a change in a
handful of genes resulted in turning a chimp (offspring, of one, actually)
into a human (ethical obstacles, here, obviously).

Now there is a question that might be very relavent. What is the mitochondrial differance?
19) Message boards : Cafe SETI : what's with this cafe? (Message 1587663)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Now if your looking for goodness,
we have nine grand children here......

Only nine? 13 here.
20) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1587658)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James Sotherden
Lynn you stated on the first post that this is out of science fiction movie. Well guess what its turning into a 3 stooges film fest.
Clyde has a valid point why are they not put on a no fly list? Hell the put non terrorists names on it.
Every one of those people should have been in isolation.
And screw that 100.4 temp. If you start having a temp rise you go to isolation pronto.
And why in gods green acres would you go visit family knowing you might have been exposed????
I have told you that you aint seen nothing yet. And you aint!

Ebola can live in a mans sperm for 80 days. Which if what I read is true even though you lived thru the virus, Its still alive in your sperm. Think about that! I also read it can survive on its own for days on a hard surface.

The rest of the world take note on how the US is screwing up on Ebola. DONT DO THIS.

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