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1) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1572565)
Posted 11 hours ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Will the Ebola virus go airborne? (And is that even the right question?)

The Ebola virus, which has killed more than 2,400 people during the ongoing epidemic in West Africa, spreads through contact with bodily fluids. That means you can catch it from infected blood, for example, or if you come in contact with vomit from an Ebola patient.

You can't catch it from breathing in the same air as someone suffering from Ebola — at least you can't right now. But as the virus continues to spread and mutate, could airborne transmission become a concern?

Why cant a cough or a sneeze not spread it. Ever see a slow mo of someone sneezing? Thats liquid being sprayed at high velocity. Thats one way the common cold spreads.
I think they are a bit ignorant on how ebola gets tranmitted.
2) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1572102)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
I sure hope that all the help he intends to send are well versed in Ebola protocalls. Otherwise It will spread.
If this currant outbreak can be contained? I would hope the next time Ebola breaks out, That the rest of the world jumps on it with out hesitation.
3) Message boards : Politics : Should Scotland leave the UK? (Message 1571781)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Id say it all up to the voters. Crying on this thread wont add up to a hill of beans.
What does matter that finally after who knows how many years they get a say in it, And not at the end of sword.
Is it right or wrong? Only they can decide that. And history.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : The current top cruncher (Message 1571780)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
As long as the results are valid. The boost to the project should be appreciated.

It is appreciated. But it should aslo be in another catergory.
Now we all know The Nez story. But so far its just us individual crunchers who have been competing for bragging rights.
And I have no regrets being way down on that list. We do what we can afford.
But on the other hand, The data center crunching should have its own listing.

Im thinking the guy has the blessing of his boss.

But, If i ever win the mega millions, I will have a farm that will make him look like a piker.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : The current top cruncher (Message 1571756)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
That's the main reason why I no longer bother with stats sites as the stats are meaningless to the ordinary cruncher as they have no hope in hell of even attaining 1% of the totals already displayed.

I believe it was Chris S who suggested that Boinc/Projects now display individual & companies as separate categories.

The individual in this discussion is no way an individual cruncher per se. He is using his employers equipment to rack up such large numbers. He may have the legal authorisation to stress test those servers which is good for all the projects concerned, but there should be no way possible for individuals such as him to hold an individual account - it should be a company account!

+ 1
6) Message boards : Politics : Know thine enemy (Message 1571748)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor

After The Guillotine, things get WORSE for The People. Just History and Human Nature.

Really? I take it you've never been to France. Lovely country.

Isn't this really off topic.

Only if you don't know French history.

Might know this. Family was living in Paris on a day that Guillotine was famously used on a queen and her severed head was paraded down the street on a pole by the family abode.

That was not a good time. It got worse. A lot worse. The big revisionist gloss overs claimed it was better. They want to ignore the period before order was restored and mob rule was is charge. How much damage happened. Normal eventually returned, but France was never again a world power. That is why there are jokes about the French military, they used to be feared.

If you wish to use some narrow metric and claim it improved and ignore other metrics ......... that's an agenda.

Any conflict is terrible while people are going it through it. Which is exactly why you don't want things to get to the point where people think it is their only recourse to justice. The French Revolution was a terrible time, but in the end France was a lot better under socialism than it was under imperialism.

I don't understand your assertion that there is some sort of correlation between how much the army is feared and the quality of life in a country. I love France and have spent a lot of time there. They seem to have their priorities right.

And just when did France go to socialism? After or before Waterloo? After the war Franco-Prussian war Or WW1?
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Richard Kiel dead at 74 (Message 1571375)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
He was a big man. He will be missed. RIP

So just where is Richard kiel in this photo?

I liked him as an actor. He played a lot of charector parts, But he acted. RIP Mr. kiel
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Is anyone famous left? (Message 1571374)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Is there anyone famous left in the world any more, or just us lot?? They all seem to be popping off by the dozen ...

Donald Sinden

Ian Paisley

Sure there are. Otherwise this thread would be dead.( pun intended ).
To us old fogeys. It does seem that the stars we grew up with are passing in ever increaseing numbers.
But each generation has to go through the same thing. As an example in 60 or 70 years, Some poster on this board will bemoan the passing of Dakota Fanning.

The icons of our past were from our parents and ourselves. The icons of our kids are from us and them.
My grand kids are amazed at how I know old movie stars on TV. Im amazed they know who is on the TV show they watch:)
9) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1571370)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
But we have to wait untill it gets out of the continet before the rest of the world should care. (Sarcastic mode on.)
Otherwise we are just being scare monergers.
10) Message boards : Politics : Should the west now send in the troops : ISIS & IRAN (Message 1571369)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Clyde you Americans what to be careful mate i read the other day we here in Australia are in a joint venture with Norway to develop a Tactical nuke for the f-35 Lightning . Now if we do get our own nukes we won't need you guys to help protect us . and if we do we won't need your plane that does not work . We can buy from the Swed's or the English or the Europeans .

You may find in the near future we may just tell you lot to go and jump of a very high cliff .

That mite put a dent on whom you can turn to if you get into trouble with China or North korea

We are very good friends with China but you may have a big logistic problem if there is trouble , if we tell you to bugger off .

33% of the world's know reserves of Urainium is in our country . You might want to think about that 1 seeing as you have so many rectors i wonder what would happen to the price if we told you all to shuve it right up your kester .

Well belive it or not China is the 600 pound gorilla. As for Uranium, Hey you can keep the stuff. We have all we need. And with a half life of 4.7 billion years. I dont think we need any more. China or North Korea might want some though.
As for the logistic problems. Look back to WW2. You came close to being invaded. And it was a damn long logistic line that stopped it.
Hey if you dont want your troops to go back to whatever craphole country We ask you to send them. Then tell your PM hell no. I would agree with you 100%.
I dont want my own countrys troops back to that crap pile. I say contain them and let them kill each other off. And screw the oil. let them eat and drink it. If no other country buys it, It aint worth nothing.
11) Message boards : Politics : Know thine enemy (Message 1571363)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
The Capitalist's transfer money to these people, and the people buy the Capitalist's Goods and Service's, with The Capitalist's own money?

Clyde, if the people don't get enough goods and services they will take them and it won't be pretty for the capitalists.

Nor The People. They will be fighting over The Scraps.

They will be building guillotines, Clyde. History tells us exactly what happens when the gap between rich and poor gets too big. It wass one of the concerns of your President Teddy Roosevelt, which is why he made such efforts to break up monopolies.

Thats a good point ES. And that lesson applys to just about every country on the planet who has had such a divide between rich and poor. Past and or present.
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : James' Puns O Fun 4 (Message 1570859)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Hi C.

I like PUNch flavored Hi C.
13) Message boards : Politics : Should the west now send in the troops : ISIS & IRAN (Message 1570855)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Why are you guys getting in a pissing contest over who one the most damn medals? Its bad enough men died trying to save two countries peoples who could care less what happens to them or who leads them.

Im of the mind to just leave them alone and let the rabid dogs they are eat each other. End of problem.
On the other hand if they want a jihad, Well lets give them one they wont ever forget.
Im sick of the whole fiasco we find ourselves in.
Turn the other cheek and you get shafted. Hit back and you still get it up the keyster.
So lets let them hate each others sect so bad they kill them selves off.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Sorry wing persons (Message 1570300)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
This machine #5065145 just died. It had served me faithfully crunching Seti 24/7 since August 12 2009.

I believe the PSU died. No magic smoke, No hint of any trouble at all.
I did a soft reboot as I do once in a blue moon. It rebooted Ok but the screen froze up. So I had to do a hard reboot. Well I cant get any power at all to the machine. No light,s no joy. I cant afford the cash right now to fix this.So sorry to my wing persons.

Edit- Sorry false alarm. It turns out my power button is going wonky. I just about poked my finger through the case to get the power back on. However its a wake up call that this machine is going to croak one day.
15) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Lump of rock or artwork? (Message 1570266)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
(I think that's the same company that moved the huge electromagnet to Fermilab last year. I was out in the middle of the night watching that.)

Now, that was a spectacle, not art :-)

Yes, and if I'd been in L.A. to see the rock move, that would have been a spectacle too. Still not art. In my opinion.

It was also a spectacle when Union Pacific moved the Big Boy out of L.A. Nobody called that art.

Yes moving it was spectacle. But Big Boy is the ART.
16) Message boards : Politics : So, where is the thread against Islamic violence? (Message 1570257)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Republicans worse than ISIL?
The greatest country on earth is being bullied from within. Actions of Republicans in congress are worse than #ISIL.

So now we can really see how far down the sewer a politician will climb.
When I see a tea party member actually behead a democratic member of Congress. I will agree. I call it BS. And big BS.
Both partys are so out of whack I want to vomit. Each party should look in the damn mirror. They both are rotten to the core.
We need term limits for congrass and senatewhores.

Agree 1000%

2 Terms for Senator? 12 Years.

4 Terms for Representative? 8 Years.

Additionally. Nobody will be allowed to live within 100 Miles of D.C., unless Their District/State in included within the limitation.

And MOST Importantly. When their Term's are completed: They Can Not MOVE to within 100 Miles of D.C.

Would like TWO to FOUR Year's for ALL. But, let's be practical.

Id like to see one term for a senatwhore and two terms for a congrassman or woman.
17) Message boards : Politics : Ebola and Infectious diseases (Message 1570230)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor

The problem in Africa is not just the disease itself, it's the lack of resources and facilities to isolate suspected cases (and those who are at risk through having been exposed to it) in isolation... not ten/twenty or more to a room (or worse). Under these circumstances, infection WILL be exponential irrespective of mutation of the virus itself :(

Some hospitals in Liberia have had to close their doors to new patients. Some have even locked the gates. You now have a case of the sick laying outside them in the hope that space will be found to treat them. Others are going home because there is nowhere else for them to go.

Technically - western medical provision and facilities will protect us from the spreading of the disease and it's high mortality rate. Technically...

And as Scotty said on the Tv show Star Trek, If my Aunt had wheels shed be a wagon.

I still think the WHO should have acted sooner and more restrictive. IF and I hope its an If. This goes global in the worst case scenario, Your looking at the minimum of a 60% world decline in population.
18) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Lump of rock or artwork? (Message 1569918)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
I'd rather have a blue chicken on a plinth then the plethora of statues of dead warmongering white men on horseback (or not) that litter London.

Dont blame the men who fought those battles. Blame the idiots who sent then to fight.
I see it as a desicration to place a blue freaking chicken at Trafalgar Square.
That would be like placing that blue piece of crap at The Wall in Washington DC.
19) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Has the identity of Jack the Ripper been uncovered? (Message 1569912)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Me too, but I think He was histories 1st serial killer, a modern day one would be the Hillside Stranger or Son of Sam or the Zodiac Killer, the last one took Me a bit to remember, so far He's never been caught.

Maybe recorded history's first serial killer, but I doubt he was actually the first of our species to be so criminally insane. The first time I visited the La Brea tar pits, I saw the fossilized remains of a young prehistoric woman who had been killed and tossed in a tar pit. Man's inhumanity to man goes way back.

I dont think he was the first either for the same reasons you gave. For proof I give you Caligula. And he isnt the first by a long shot.
20) Message boards : Politics : Computers & Technology 2 (Message 1569909)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile James SotherdenProject donor
Whatever next? Apple Anklets?

Apple Watch & iPhone 6 unveiled

Well maybe a penis implant that tells you when you have to take a whizz:)
This is Sari. But my sensors say your bladder is 80% full. If you pass this next rest stop, The next bathroom is 300 miles a way.

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