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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Customization of Boinc Charts & Fonts (Message 859519)
Posted 30 Jan 2009 by Profile
It would be nice if users who are color impaired would be able to change the Font, Graph & Chart colors used in Boinc.

I am color challenged and the default colors for me are very hard to distinguish from one another so and option to pick your colors for the Fonts, Statistics and especially the Disk Usage Pie charts would really be nice.

Set@Home since 2001 and still crunching..
2) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 569060)
Posted 17 May 2007 by Profile
I know it's all in good hands.

Keep up your spirits there should be light at the end of the tunnel so don't let it startle you when you come upon it.

Best of luck & wishes
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc 5.9.10 64 bit 'windows_x86_64' not found (Message 568255)
Posted 16 May 2007 by Profile
That would be really good. I look forward to it when it becomes available.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc 5.9.10 64 bit 'windows_x86_64' not found (Message 567577)
Posted 15 May 2007 by Profile
O.K. then :) Downgraded to the 32 bit version of B.O.I.N.C. and it's picking up some work again @ S.E.T.I. So thats cool.

Hope they get the 64 bit versions up soon. Rosetta has it online and was running great in the 64 bit version. Kinda funny that the nice folks at Berkeley would even put it out if they didn't have the 64 bit on SETI up yet but guess them are the breaks. :) As long as I can crunch for Seti I'm happy, I want to find our neighbors soon in either version.

By the way all the SETI Techs, Staff and Mark great work getting the new server up and running plus keeping the horde here informed (Me & the rest of the end users). A big THANK YOU to Sun for their timely & generous donation of the replacement for Thummper also.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc 5.9.10 64 bit 'windows_x86_64' not found (Message 567121)
Posted 14 May 2007 by Profile
I know that the team has a new Thumper running & I'm glade to see things getting back to normal. I am not getting any work for the 64 bit version of the software yet and was wondering if they have started processing work units for those yet or should I go back down to the 32 bit version?

Current Version & error are.
Boinc 5.9.10
5/14/2007 9:44:04 AM|SETI@home|Message from server: platform 'windows_x86_64' not found
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 5.2.2 problem when selecting exit (Message 180964)
Posted 22 Oct 2005 by Profile
Well It must have been a glitch but it has not done it again. I have been testing this now for a few hours and every 30 minutes or so I would select exit from the icon in the tray and they have all been closing. Before the problem mysteriously fixed itself though both predictor at home & seti at home tasks were not shutting down. Maybe it was a problem in a memory corruption that caused it.

I never install boinc as a service on my computers, always as single user because it's easier to control whats running on the machines. When I do video editing I turn Boinc off because it slows down the rendering an awful lot.

Thank you all for your input and I'll keep an eye on it if it starts happening again I'll let you know.
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 5.2.2 problem when selecting exit (Message 180884)
Posted 21 Oct 2005 by Profile
When I exit the program boinc does not shut down the running clients for the projects I am working.

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