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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The kittyman has fixed the rig, work on the way, wingys! (Message 1692582)
Posted 17 Jun 2015 by Profile Link
Hard to say what low level driver(s) could be causing you pain.

Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 (environment variable, when you're at it, can also add devmgr_show_details=1), so you can see all not anymore present devices in the device manager and uninstall all of them (and also all other ones with problems, i.e. exclamation marks or so). Also uninstall all other software, that came with any drivers. Reboot and than try to install new drivers, not before.

But a clean Windows installation might be the easier and faster way on a crunching only machine (backup BOINC data dir if you want to).
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Running BOINC on a Dead System (Message 1679268)
Posted 13 May 2015 by Profile Link
Maybe he can install a SETi@home on a USB...& boot from a CD? ;)

Yes, this should work with Linux, there are many distributions, with support this (boot of a CD, save files and settings to USB or whatever you want).

Or simply get a bunch of old HDDs from eBay for 1€ (or 1£ in your case) or so, won't cost more than not the cheapest USB flash drive (should not be too cheap/slow for such use).
3) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD ATI Radeon HD 2300/2400/3200/4200 (RV610) (336MB) - SETI/AP possible? (Message 1677742)
Posted 10 May 2015 by Profile Link
AFAIK, Milkyway were also a solution for 'small' ATI/AMD VGA cards, right?

Not really, they have an CAL app for older GPUs, however that are older high-end GPUs with DP support, in particular HD38X0 series. On a "small" GPU like the HD4200 Milkyway won't run.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Monster GPU Cruncher Build (Message 1670778)
Posted 27 Apr 2015 by Profile Link

SSD. I wouldn't expect BOINC to write more than 2PB to the disk during the time you'll probably use that machine, even if you should use it veeery long. HDD will very likely wear out sooner, since it's spinning all the time. And with this I/O performance you don't need to think much about a RAM drive.

I searched the web, and found the 2.000 Watt Super Flower Leadex 80 Plus Platinum 8Pack Edt. PSU. AFAIK available since January '15.
AFAIK Super Flower is an UK company. But unknown for me.
It's a good brand?

I have a Super Flower in my desktop computer, bought it about 10 years ago for my AthlonXP system after a GPU upgrade. Still works without any problems, even if with the current configuration the 25A 12V rail is pretty much maxed out when crunching on both CPU and GPU. Can't say one bad word about it so far.

Here is btw the homepage of Super Flower.

And according to the feature list, the 2000W PSU has overheat protection and a single 166.6A 12V rail. So should be OK.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1626181)
Posted 10 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
I've always felt that RW blanks were a false economy, especially for something important like a backup.

Not if you check the disc after burning, just as you'd had to do with Rs if you want to be sure. Considering how often I burned all my RWs, I saved quite a lot, so IMHO using RWs for data, that's gonna be replaced in 2-3 weeks or so anyway, is a good idea.

A lot of time wasted with all that erasing and formatting

Optical media are slow anyway, hence I swithed to USB-HDDs for beckups about 3 years ago, the amount of data I backup today on weekly basis would not be manageable with DVD-RWs anymore (I've backup before only most important stuff, now I can simply backup everything I want). Long term HDD is probably even cheaper than RWs and saves me lots of time. I wouldn't want to return to optical media for backups anymore.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1626175)
Posted 10 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
Glenn savill wrote:
Link i look for the cheapest mate so what if a few fail at $20 ozzie can't expect much for a spindle of 50 disc's . The fail rate goes down if i burn at slow speeds , most times i forget and burn at full speed

I pay ~15-20€ for 100 discs, usually no failures at all... 10% would be completely unacceptable for me. But I burn them only @4x or 6x.

Mark Stevenson wrote:
Theres a big difference between r's and rw's . r's are 1 burn only rw are re burnable , different type of disc completely

I know very well what Rs and RWs are. Never had any significant failure rates on any of them.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1626130)
Posted 10 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
Link when you by a spindle of disc's say 50 i've always found aprox 10% will fail . Unless you pay top dollar 10% at least will fail .

You pay for what you get

10%??? I don't know how you get such failure rates. I buy not the cheapest but not much above it. I burned now about 2000 discs (R, not RW), I had nearly no failures at all, definitely less 10 and 3 of those was a dying burner and not the discs.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1625468)
Posted 8 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
I wouldn't trust any disc that has been burned 50-60 times myself, but your mileage may vary.

I wouldn't trust any disc I haven't tested after burning regardless of how many times it was burned. The disc that died for me did it after maybe 10 times, than it was suddenly not burnable anymore, the drive would not even erase it. Other discs from the same package as I said up to 50-60 times and no problems at all, all sectors "green" and the drive does not need to slow down on any place.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1625108)
Posted 7 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
I shall retire my current disc and whip out a new one for my backups.

You can also test the disc using for example "Nero DiscSpeed" (can be downloaded here). Make a "ScanDisk" scan, than you will see, if some sectors are not OK, it's enough if they are OK on the lowest speed. During the time I was using DVD+RW for backups, I burned my discs about 50-60 times, only one failed, all others are still OK and usable. Btw. if you see some damaged sectors, if you erase the disc completely (not fast erase), most of the time this fixes them.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Another 'Sorry' thread (should we sticky one?) (Message 1623156)
Posted 4 Jan 2015 by Profile Link
What is there to be sorry about?

That's what I also ask myself every time I see such a "sorry thread". Shit happens.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : NativeBOINC: network access from other computer (Message 1618390)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile Link
Well, on the second thought, it's possible that I had the original BOINC client still running and that was disturbing... Whatever it was, it seems to work now.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : NativeBOINC: network access from other computer (Message 1618284)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile Link
I'll normally just run ping address -t on both ends until I see responses.

THAT WAS IT! Apparently it helps to ping the device first, than the password works! But don't ask me for an explanation... one more weird computer thing.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : NativeBOINC: network access from other computer (Message 1618276)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile Link
Have tried it here; on install i only had set the password and i can access the tablet without any problems from my PC with BoincTasks 1.59.
You use the right Port (31416) for connecting?

I use the official BOINC Manager 6.10.18, I could always access all other computers with it, also such with newer version of BOINC. I just enter the IP, I hope the Manager knows which port to use... It's also not a connection issue, I get an answer, it clearly says wrong password.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : NEON app on Android (Message 1618261)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile Link
Actually, server will never give you such good optimized Android app as Mateusz one coming with NativeBOINC. There are no such apps available.

True, the opt app is much faster and NativeBOINC has much more features, for example a cache, which is very usefull during the weekly server maintance. For me it also works more stable, the app runs without any restarts and thousands of "stuckdumps unavailable" in the std_err like the official apps did. Now if I only could get the network access to work on it...
15) Message boards : Number crunching : NativeBOINC: network access from other computer (Message 1617303)
Posted 22 Dec 2014 by Profile Link

I'm trying NativeBOINC on my Android phone (since the original BOINC was not really doing great job). Everything works OK, much better than the original (has a faster optimized app and a real cache for example), I just can't access the client from the BOINC Manager on my laptop, which was actually reason #1 why I tried it. Whatever I do, I always get the message, that the password is wrong.

What I have tried so far:
1. I copied the password from gui_rpc_auth.cfg from my laptop (I always copy the file to my other computers so I don't need to type anything).
2. I tried other password.

Both of these with the network name or IP of the laptop in the list of allowed computers.

According to the information on the NativeBOINC homepage, that's all that should be necessary.

If it helps: this is the Android phone, this is the laptop I try to access it from.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : OOO-Fee (Message 1608172)
Posted 2 Dec 2014 by Profile Link
What's wrong with just calling it what it is - Bios.

The same reason we don't call Windows, DOS. Even though it is a Disk Operating System.

I still call both BIOS. When talking/writing to someone I simply won't spend my time on investigating wether somebody's motherboard has a BIOS or UEFI, since it doesn't matter in most cases. When I say BIOS, everybody knows what I mean anyway and those that don't would also not understand if I said UEFI, so nevermind. Actually I guess more people understand BIOS than UEFI.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics Windows Installer v0.43a Maintenance Release (Message 1604787)
Posted 24 Nov 2014 by Profile Link
OK, thanks.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics Windows Installer v0.43a Maintenance Release (Message 1604643)
Posted 23 Nov 2014 by Profile Link

now that SETI is out of work I thought it's a good idea to finaly install APv7 on my laptop.

I was using here (SEE2 capable CPU) untill now ap_6.01r557_SSE2_331_AVX.exe. As I see, there are no more SSE2 CPU builds?

There is a AVX build called AP7_win_x86_AVX_CPU_r2692.exe, but that's SSE3 if I understand the readme right (there's no SSE info in the filename)... so I should use AP7_win_x86_SSE_CPU_r2703.exe?

This part confuses me a bit:
A 32-bit AVX build is offered for the first time - at the SSE3 level, the installer will choose between AMD and Intel builds automatically (there wasn't space for an extra manual choice).

This "at the SSE3 level", does that refer to the 32-bit AVX build (The first one? I have one installed according to the filename.) or does that refer to the automatic AMD/Intel choise?
19) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1603574)
Posted 21 Nov 2014 by Profile Link
Since this system is the ONLY one I have, besides my laptop (which cannot do BOINC) and tablet (doing beta), I need to make sure it stays running good until I can afford to build a new one. Does that make sense?

Yes, now it does, before I was unsure. Somehow your posts reminded me a bit of my father, when he wanted to buy him a new laptop... :D

And the light IS an issue if it does not perform as it is supposed to. Disconnecting something because it is not performing properly is not the right answer.

That depends on how you see it ;-) . I also have a laptop and a desktop computer, both quite old and honestly, in case like that, when everything else seems to work OK, I'd not bother much about an LED, which apparently shows something wrong. The LED function might be broken, the rest apparently still works, so I wouldn't think much about buying a new computer at that point. Sure, I'd try to fix it if possible, but if I couldn't, I'll let it run till it really fails (keeping an eye on it). And than I'd sit to the other one and search for replacement. That's the good thing about having two or more computers, if one fails, just move to the other one. But maybe that's just me...

Anyway, let's hope that moving the cables fixed the issue. If not, try first one drive, if that's OK, add another one and so on till you find which one is responsible for the LED issue (if that has not been sugested yet). Or are all drives absolutely necessary for this machine to run?
20) Message boards : Number crunching : HDD Questions For The Elite - [PROBLEM RETURNED] (Message 1603546)
Posted 21 Nov 2014 by Profile Link
The diagnostic tool from Western Digital has already ruled out my HDDs as having any problems.

When I build a PC I install all appropriate drivers from the MB CD. Any others may come from Microsoft updates.

I will post a message here whether or not the light status changes. :) Honestly, I'm hoping that the light changes to on solid because I so desperately want a new MB and CPU. :) I'm tired of the i7-860. It has to be monitored continuously to prevent it from overheating.

Maybe you should first decide, if you actually want help to save your current system or you want us to tell you, that you should buy a new one. Because the light is apparently not an issue if the hard drives can be accessed without any issues (confirmed by the diagnostic tool) and you also don't notice anything, when the light is "solid on". If it really disturbs you, disconnect the LED and you won't see it anymore.

And if you want to buy a new system anyway, why do you need to monitor this one so much? If it burns up, then you have your reason to get a new one.

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