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1) Message boards : Technical News : Takin' Care of Business and Workin' Overtime (May 11 2007) (Message 566680)
Posted 13 May 2007 by Profile Corsair
Good day to you all.

and great work from the Sun and Berkeley Crew.

now I've get some work, and a lot of then pending of being uploaded and downloaded, I still have this work buffered in the BoincView marked as pending, but donĀ“t worry I think it would be fixed in a few, on that way my computer are crunching CPDN, that there is still a lot to do for these units.

enjoy the life.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Two Question on BOINC / SETI@home (Message 242142)
Posted 4 Feb 2006 by Profile Corsair
I'm running BOINC trux v5.3.12.tx36 and SETI@home optimized from for every machine, the one who fits in every computer (all AMD), I have had same pop-up msg in two machine,
something like: there is no floppy in drive A:
and SETI@Home it's stopped until you click Abort, rety, ignore.


second question:
I've seen that in there are in calibrated client version 5.3.15.tx43 but for download it's only version v5.3.12.tx36, is it still a internal version?? or we'll have soon this version, which looks like very well debuged.

thanks to all you.
3) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Validate error and finished crunched (Message 136979)
Posted 16 Jul 2005 by Profile Corsair

If a result has not been returned by the deadline, it is assumed to be abandoned, and it will be re-issued to some other host. The upload problems that we have been having recently are not the norm. [/quote]

I've seen in forun that it's a spot problem.

the other one, it's when you have computed one unit and submited it, you found in your account credits that it marked as "validate eror", the meaning of validate error as per SETI host it's that the results could be lost in server, by I don't know the reason, and you have no credit for this reason, that it's not your problem, it's SETI server problem, and, question, what can you do?
4) Questions and Answers : Wish list : uploads pending for days (Message 136710)
Posted 15 Jul 2005 by Profile Corsair
I've results in my computers since five days ago, and they can't upload, and there is not a problem of the ISP nor connection, because all of then are always connected.

and in two of then that could be uploaded have the status of "error validation", losed on server, that's not good for work, as I've not credit granted, but there is not my problem, it has been a server problem.
5) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Validate error and finished crunched (Message 136687)
Posted 15 Jul 2005 by Profile Corsair
I think that in this time won't happens a validate error, it means a loss of info in the server, how could be saved this occurrence, that boinc client keep a copy of the results until the servers sends a schedule of the crunched unit has been well processed, other wise the client would resend once again the result, until this will be well processed by the server, that's because when we see something like this in our work, seems like wasted time in our computers.

other will be the finished crunched units, that can not be uploaded by means of server problems, what happens if this results cross the deadline report date?, there should be any improvement in boinc client stating the real finishing computing time of the unit, because this is not as problem of our computer, I think it's a problem of the servers.
6) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Intranet Configuration (Message 117761)
Posted 2 Jun 2005 by Profile Corsair
yes, thanks, I'done it.

but I'm not sure I've done right.

step by step how is the configuration, where has to be running the BOINC client, and where not.

it's not clear the installation in the BOINCView web.
thanks / CBA (Warewolf)
7) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Intranet Configuration (Message 115141)
Posted 26 May 2005 by Profile Corsair
I think would be great to run only one instance on BOINC Gui in one computer, but running in all computer you decide of your intranet and controlling from the GUI, and having one log of the crunched unit like SETISpy.
8) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Other tab for ranking team (Message 115139)
Posted 26 May 2005 by Profile Corsair
should be fine add one tab for the team you're joined (if you're) to see the evolution of crunching
9) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Ad-Software for BOINC (Message 115134)
Posted 26 May 2005 by Profile Corsair
Is there any other software to "control" BOINC, like SetiSpy for Seti@home classic?

I've been trying with BOINCSpy but impossible to run, and I've installed MNet framewok 2.0 Beta.

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