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1) Message boards : Technical News : MySQL Weirdness (Jul 29 2009) (Message 922485)
Posted 30 Jul 2009 by Profile chrisp jr
Hi Matt,

Have you ever considered using other flavor of Linux OS? I have been using CENTOS for a while an have proven quite stable in different roles even as a LAMP server. It's based on Redhat Enterprise code. Good luck.

I was going to suggest the same, we run 2 CentOS 5 boxes at work for email virus and spam-filtering which process between 6000-7000 items an hour. They are rock solid in my opinion.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Installing Optimized Files, Something Has Changed (Message 815397)
Posted 6 Oct 2008 by Profile chrisp jr
I had this problem with 6.2.x on vista 64bit, I found the Projects folder under c:\ProgramData\bonic...etc. Hope this helps

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