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Posted 15 Mar 2005 by Profile The Ox

First of all, thanks for your congenial reply. I've been jumped in situations like this before.

> Funding agencies are much more likely to provide financing for projects like
> LHC or Einstein (or Predictor or CPDN for that matter) because of their more
> immediate and practical applications.

And that is another point I would make in keeping AP and SETI separate. I think more grant money is probably available for getting something like AP off the ground.

> However, since distributed computing
> has altruism at its foundations (we are all volunteers after all), I will
> continue to donate some computer time to SETI (with or without a separate
> Astropulse) since it would be the least likely project to be possible or
> successful without the donated time (that is, all four other
> projects--especially predictor and LHC--would likely be possible via
> traditional grant mechanisms).

I agree, Predictor especially is probably funded up to its ears. (LHC seems to have the money but not enough people to keep the project moving...) I guess my altruism lies more in the thought that I am helping advance usable science. However, I've seen the form of altruism you mentioned in discussions at Predictor with people constantly demanding to know about the non-profit status of the research. The Boinc community is without question a very interesting cross-section of people and attitudes.

2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Compulsive BOINCing. (Message 86263)
Posted 15 Mar 2005 by Profile The Ox
For all you compulsive Boinc'ers out there, here's another one for you that isn't even open to the public yet:

The Lattice Project

They're apparently doing some clustered work already in different environments (non-Boinc) but are working on opening up a Boinc project to compliment their current activities. At least looks interesting...

3) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Astropulse with SETI or separate from SETI (Message 86261)
Posted 15 Mar 2005 by Profile The Ox
> I would like it to be two separate issues!!
> And, do we know if Astropulse will ever get into the waiting crowd??

I'm with Liberto. I've heard that Astropulse is going to basically run as a "sub-project" under SETI@home. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see AP finally moving toward production, but I would rather see it as a separate project also. With all due respect to the SETI project, I find the scientific applications of Astropulse to be much more valuable and would rather devote more of my crunching time to applications that promote a more "usuable" science (ie: Einstein, Predictor, Astropulse...)

If the AP workunits just become a separate type of workunit available from the SETI project I will likely not be contributing much to the project since I can't guarantee my time will be spent working for Astropulse. I'll give the time to its cousin Einstein@home which will guarantee that my crunch time goes toward astrophysics research.

Finally, I suspect that no matter how hard I've worked to say this as respectfully and diplomatically as possible, somebody is going to have the urge to flame me for "attacking" SETI or something like that. I'm not out to get SETI and I love the project. I've been a member since 1999 and I still think of it as the pioneer project in getting distributed computing out to the world. It's just that I now have choices, and I'd rather support projects with more immediate impact for our scientific community.

Anyway, that's my two bits.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Phishing? (Message 72980)
Posted 22 Jan 2005 by Profile The Ox
Dunc is right. All domain information is publicly available and it's not hard to find that out - especially if you have the resources available to you that spammers most likely have. Sounds like this is just a case of bad luck that they caught up to you. Sorry to hear about it, and best of luck dealing with it.
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Testing Signature (Message 71906)
Posted 20 Jan 2005 by Profile The Ox
just a test...

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