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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1647519)
Posted 16 hours ago by Profile ML1
The Gentoo client looks to be dynamic linked but more ameanable to the very latest kind versions. Full credit there to the Gentoo packager. Compiled fine.

So, fixed for my multi-core tests
Thanks for dropping in to try static. Looks like the boinc effort for that has languished.

Overly busy on new equipment at moment... Back on the forums when sanity returns...

Happy crunchin'
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1647283)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
... Short of building a similar old debian VM from scratch, is there a way to put in the 64 bit libs (command line debian), or is the only option for a static build to replicate the old debian image in 64 bit ?

The compatibility vm image also has no Git installed ::S

32-bits?! That's going back a bit!

For a late lunch giggle... I've just now got a Gentoo compiled 64-bit boinc client running sweet and smooth...

Further details later...

Happy fast hot crunchin',
3) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1647251)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
As i've said before, cleaning up our energy supply will take time, but it's happening.

If i lived out in the countryside i'd happily put up a small wind turbine on my property. As it happens i live in the suburbs of a city so not windy enough to make it worthwhile.

13% and rising isn't a bad figure, last i heard Nuclear supplied about 15% so mightn't be long before that gets overtaken.

We could do with a lot less Fossil Fuels corruption and more clean and cleaning up happening sooner. Unfortunately, the old dirties have very long lifespans and there is the financial gain to overcome from procrastinating so that they can profitably pollute for as long as possible. Meanwhile, others and our planet be damned.

Nuclear may enjoy a resurgence but both the costs and dangers are high:

Nuclear power: Energy for the future or relic of the past?

... factoring in the costs of construction, nuclear is far from the cheapest energy source available. In fact, in Europe it is more expensive than coal and gas, even when factoring in a price for carbon. It is also more expensive than onshore wind and, in many countries, solar, and the cost of these renewable energies is coming down fast...

... Environmentalists argue that given the risks and financial costs involved, investing in renewables is the more sensible option. They may just have a point.

All on our only one planet,
4) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects: Solutions #2 (Message 1647034)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
Some useful clean additions even if further expansion is being argued over and delayed... All in the name of saving our environment or saving big business profits? Or both??

Scottish wind farm projects secure contracts

A major offshore wind farm planned for the Firth of Forth is one of 11 Scottish renewable projects which have been awarded UK government contracts to supply electricity.

The 448 megawatt Neart na Gaoithe could generate power for 319,000 properties.

However, a massive offshore project proposed for the Outer Moray Firth missed out...

... Dr Richard Dixon, director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: "These results are very disappointing. Granting a contract to only one Scottish offshore windfarm, and only one other in the rest of the UK, shows how little interest the current UK government has in cleaning up our energy supply."

In a separate project planned for the Outer Moray Firth, Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited plans to install a further 110 turbines in the Outer Moray Firth. The Scottish government gave the Morl and Beatrice projects the go-ahead in March last year. At the time, it said the combined development off the Caithness coast would make it the world's third biggest offshore wind farm.

(At this moment, wind power is powering about 13% (5 Giga-Watts) of the UK electrical power needs. And the main loser to wind power power generation looks to be all the gas powered power stations...)

All on our only one planet,
5) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1647033)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
HOW MUCH sugar and food colouring can you drink?!

'Energy drinks' should be banned for under-16s, charity says

... The team surveyed the nutritional labels of 197 drinks found in supermarkets and online. One had up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per 250ml, twice as much as others surveyed. It is thought teenagers get 30% of their sugar from soft drinks...

... "Children are being deceived into drinking large cans of this stuff, thinking they are going to improve their performance at school, during sports, or even on a night out.

"In reality all they are doing is increasing their risk of developing obesity or type 2 diabetes which will have lifelong implications on their health...

And we pathetically allow such unhealthy deception?...

All in our only one world,
6) Message boards : Politics : Climate Change, 'Greenhouse' effects and Politics: DENIAL (#4) (Message 1647031)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
... Where will all people move?

Thus we are creating Biblical wars...

All on our only one planet,
7) Message boards : Politics : Linux hits the world (cont #2) (Message 1647026)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1

Looks like avoiding all the various distributions and going with a single, solid distro is going to help the gaming market.

And in "going with a single..." therein lay the seeds of arbitrary monopoly and restrictions...

Rather than requiring/restricting to a brand name (or distro name), there merely needs to be minimum requirements for the interfaces.

Whatever happened to ideals of cross-platform compatibility and freedom that were the development buzz words of the 1970's and 1980's? Or does that not fit well with the business policy of proprietary entrapment and the selling off of user privacy as is widely seen today?...

The upside? Porting OpenGL based games is incredibly easy (so basically any game that works on the Mac should have no problem), and allegedly OpenGL performance is 4% faster on the same hardware running SteamOS over Windows.

The downside? 4% is usually within the margin of error for most benchmarks...

Funny enough, SteamOS was borne out of Steam's President's disdain for Windows 8's interface and Microsoft's bullishness...

And thus the business games continue.

I've just encountered some incredible Marketing whereby we are being charged thousands of pounds for the sake of 'buying into' a brand name merely because one bit of software we are to use only lists a certain vendor's names, all regardless of better alternatives readily available and more flexible/usable. We are actually buying into the past!

Such is the unreal world of Marketing...

Roll onwards ever faster for real world FLOSS and meritocracy rather than the vandalism of "lock-in".

IT is what we allow it to be...
8) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1647012)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile ML1
Oh dear, wonder how this would be viewed in Sharia Law...

Rape filmed & shared in Pakistan

That is where the culture has to change and instead the perpetrators stigmatized and humiliated:

"... (not her real name) had thought that if she kept quiet, it might protect her from the humiliation of being known as a rape victim."

The elders and their culture are the ones that are on trial there...

At least by the power of the internet and mobile phones, such horrors are now getting unhidden for the eventual positive benefit of all.

How quickly can you improve education and culture and upbringing to drag all up to something better for all?

All in our only one world,
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1646727)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile ML1
Alright, SSD for the Linux box arrives tomorrow. Which distro comes first is the question. I'll need to check the Cuda 7.0 support list and target that first most likely.

Good stuff and have fast positive fun! :-)

Ahh, I see in yours they're removing the compromised OpenSSL versions (?) good move IMO, if that's the case.

Yep, indeed so.

Good except that the Boinc client needs to catch up with the new versions...

(The test systems are shielded from the outside world and are on their own test LAN so hence a quick bodge static-compiled giggle was hoped for for a quick fix...)

To be revisited once the IT pileup of the end of the week is overcome...

Happy fast crunchin,
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Splitting an internet feed (Message 1646725)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile ML1

Didn't I answer this thread back on Message 1644917 with all the main detail?...

Or was my brevity too brief?!

As variously explained along the thread:

Those two-way adapters (all pins duplicated) "can" be ok if you only ever have one of two devices switched on at any one time. However, still not good electrically for ethernet due to unwanted reflections likely causing data errors. Simply not worth wasting time with!

The "Y-adapters" that split an 8-core ethernet cable into 2x 4-core cables are fine for 100Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s ethernet provided you are using a physical 8-core ethernet cable to connect between the two "Y-adapters"... (Note that no powerline adapters that I know of can support the use of "Y-adapters"...)

In short: Simply use a desktop ethernet switch!

Hope that recaps ok...

Happy crunchin',

(And two bad puns included for free! ;-) )
11) Message boards : Politics : I have been slimed.. (Message 1646161)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile ML1
How many years of Marketing slime have we had promoting this?...

Tobacco 'kills two in three smokers'

... tobacco kills up to two in every three smokers not one in every two, data from a large study suggests.

The study tracked more than 200,000 Australian smokers and non-smokers above the age of 45 over six years. Mortality risk went up with cigarette use, BMC Medicine reports.

Smoking 10 cigarettes a day doubled the risk, while 20-a-day smokers were four to five times more likely to die.

"It's a real concern that the devastation caused by smoking may be even greater than we previously thought" - George Butterworth Cancer Research UK tobacco policy manager

Although someone who smokes could lead a long life, their habit makes this less likely.

Smoking increases the risk of a multitude of health problems...

Any comment needed?!

All in our only one world,
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1646159)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile ML1
Good try thanks Claggy.

However, no go on versions...

The problem is:

ldd boinc
./boinc: /lib64/ no version information available (required by ./boinc) => not found => not found

And trying to fudge it by adding symlinks to point to the installed and then gives:

./boinc: /lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.0' not found (required by ./boinc)
./boinc: /lib64/ no version information available (required by ./boinc)
./boinc: /lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.0' not found (required by ./boinc)

and an error exit...


I'm running a partial soak test using a very old boinc_5.4.9_opteron-64-linux-gnu client. Works for s@h but not for others.

(Also no options to tell it to use all the CPUs... :-( )

Happy fast-ish crunchin!
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1645820)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile ML1
Excellent, both thanks.

Commandline-only is fine or whatever. Usual juggling... (Aka 'just in time')

PM a link for download?...

Many thanks and

Happy parallel fast crunchin!... :-)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux static compiled x86_64 Boinc CLIENT? (Message 1645636)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile ML1
Anyone got a statically compiled Boinc CLIENT that I can use for load testing with various projects?

(I've got some new hardware to soak test that has far too up-to-the-minute versions of the Linux libraries installed!...)


Happy fast crunchin',
15) Message boards : Number crunching : ASUS AMD R7 260X 2GB (Message 1645465)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile ML1
PSU overloaded?

Is there an extra power connector that needs to be plugged in??

Good luck!

Happy fast crunch in
16) Message boards : Politics : Against ALL women - Infanticide, Slavery, Rape, Trafficking... (#2) (Message 1645325)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile ML1
As part of the story against women, is this where Turkey wakes up a little?

Men in miniskirts campaign for women's rights

How did men in miniskirts become a protest meme on social media?

Turkish men aren't known for wearing skirts. But it's expected they will turn out in large numbers in Istanbul later to protest about violence against women in Turkey.

They're joining others outraged by the murder of 20-year-old...

All in our only one world,
17) Message boards : Politics : Exploitation of Humans (Message 1645322)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile ML1
There is other big business exploitation exposed:

Free Qatar’s modern slaves

Forced to work under the desert’s scorching sun, denied food, drinking water, and barred from escaping home, thousands of men in Qatar are modern day slaves. And we can help free them.

Last year, one person died every other day building a billion dollar mega-project for Qatar's 2022 World Cup. A major part of the project is managed by an American company with a CEO who lives in a quiet part of Colorado...

Is there any choice in exploitation?...

All in our only one world,
18) Message boards : Politics : Exploitation of Humans (Message 1645321)
Posted 6 days ago by Profile ML1
As one big business exploitation is curtailed:

Thailand's crackdown on 'wombs for rent'

... Now, five years after it was first drafted, the Thai parliament has passed a law which it hopes will shut down the "wombs-for-rent" business for good.

Foreigners are banned from seeking surrogates in Thailand. Thai couples can find surrogate parents, but not through agents, or on any kind of commercial basis.

At the heart of the business are hard-up Thai women, who see nine months carrying someone else's child as a relatively easy way to make good money.

Pattaramon was one, although she says she would never do it again...

Is there any choice in exploitation?...

All in our only one world,
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (95) Server Problems? (Message 1644926)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile ML1
OK... So a question for those more closely on the wu pulse than myself at the moment...

Is there a WU supply shortage at the moment?

Or is there a limit/slowdown for how many WUs a single host can simultaneously gobble through?

(OK, so this is part of some systems tests...)

Happy fast crunchin'!

Don't think there is a problem.
I got 3065 out of a possible 3100, and the crunchers are whacking them out like there is no tomorrow.
I'll check the ol' crickets to be sure, but the servers are all online and kicking the WUs out.

The kitties are just salivating for some AP kibbles....THEN you'll see some cricket action.

Suggests then it might just be start up caution on the Boinc client...

Just now started a 'max-out' test and I'm getting only a steady but very slow trickle of about 1 WU per every few minutes to load things up from cold.

Sounds like best to head out into the light of the real world for a while whilst things slowly warm up here...

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Splitting an internet feed (Message 1644917)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile ML1
I had to look up what a doubler is since I have never used one, but I think I see your problem, or you didn't explain it completely.

You need a doubler in both rooms. From your router you need 2 ports and 2 cables to the doubler, then into your power line adaptor. Then in the other room, your power line adaptor to doubler, then to your TV and PVR...


Good scope for confusion all round here!

Trying to be brief (tech detail can follow if wanted):

"Doublers" that allow two physical (4-core) ethernet connections to be used down one cable only work for 10/100Mbit/s and only if you have a physical full 8-core ethernet cable between the 'doublers'. That cannot work over powerline adapters in the middle. (Note that gigabit requires that all 8 cores be available.)

There are also 'doublers' that replicate the connections as is done for such as telephone multiway adapters. They simply do not work for normal network devices. (At least not in the expected way as wanted. They can be used in special cases, but to do that, you must already know how it all works. Not worth the silliness.)

The normal way to connect multiple ethernet devices together is to use a powered network switch or a powered router. Hence why they have multiple individual ports.

Sorry but the simplest reliable way is to use a small £10 4 or 5 port desktop switch (with its power adapter) to connect your two devices together and also to your powerline adapter.

(Ethernet is a data packet switched system. That is quite different to a line switched or circuit switched system as is commonly understood for things like old-style POTS telephones.)

Good luck,

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