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1) Message boards : Technical News : Cedar Breaks (Jan 28 2009) (Message 859461)
Posted 29 Jan 2009 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Thanks for the updates Matt!

Great Job Seti Team!
2) Message boards : Technical News : Nefarious Designs, Inc. (Nov 25 2008) (Message 834411)
Posted 26 Nov 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Good luck on the jury duty Matt. I was selected for mine starting Monday. Out of curiosity, I called up the jury line this week to see what their schedule was like. No jurors were called all week, so I expect to be called in a somewhat busier week.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti Halloween Donation Challenge (Message 825359)
Posted 31 Oct 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
I pledge $10. Make it count!
4) Message boards : Technical News : Monday Musings (Oct 06 2008) (Message 815511)
Posted 7 Oct 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Why dump all astropulse WUs at the same time? Can't they be released in a controlled manner?
5) Message boards : Technical News : Work Stoppage (Jul 24 2008) (Message 787859)
Posted 27 Jul 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Hi, I am running Boinc (latest release) on a Mac Dual Core. What exactly is an optimized client? Why should I have one and where do I get it?

Please advise.

Thanks, and keep up the good work Seti team!
6) Message boards : Technical News : Catching Up Again (Jul 21 2008) (Message 785357)
Posted 22 Jul 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Same message for my Mac as well.
7) Message boards : Technical News : Spring Back (Apr 01 2008) (Message 733449)
Posted 2 Apr 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
If the data at the following link is correct :

Congratulations on 800,000 users!

Excellent job Seti team!

8) Message boards : Technical News : Wet Weekend (Jan 07 2008) (Message 698322)
Posted 8 Jan 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor

You upped the ready to send queue to 1 million, but it seems to be hitting a cap at about 800,000. Is that a computing limitation?

Good workings!

9) Message boards : Technical News : Furniture Shortage (Jan 03 2008) (Message 697254)
Posted 4 Jan 2008 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Can somebody please explain the overflow rate?

Thanks Matt and Seti again for the hard work!
10) Message boards : Technical News : Barrel of Bottlenecks (Aug 15 2007) (Message 620186)
Posted 16 Aug 2007 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Hello all,

I just wanted to say that over the last couple of weeks I've seen again and again discouraging posts from people who are frustrated with SETI. I'm pretty tired of it. I'm not here for credit, or to run as many workunits as possible, and I only read this page because I like to see what progress the team is making. I'm here because the mission is about searching the universe for other intelligent life, something that I'm pretty sure we all believe in. So please keep your aggravated complaints to yourself. If you have a legitimate issue that is one thing, but if you're upset because your RAC has dived or something just know that I'm sure Matt and the rest of the team also wish that you had plenty of work to process and that everything was going easy for you, because then their job would be easier too! These guys work hard on a project that runs off of volunteer time and donations of money and equipment. If you want to see them succeed - donate! But please take your crying elsewhere.

Thank you SETI team for all your hard work, and I look forward to the day when SETI announces a significant finding because I truly believe that one day all this hard work will pay off. And that is worth more than any amount of credit I could get for a workunit.

To everyone else, keep up the good work!

11) Questions and Answers : Web site : News Feed problem? (Message 242820)
Posted 5 Feb 2006 by Profile Sharkbait Project Donor
Hi. I would like to note that I'm only able to get an rss feed for your News page, and not your 'Technical News" page. I was wondering I need to fix my settings, or if there is a problem in your page, or if there is no rss feed for the Technical page at all. By the way, I get great enjoyment from your technical news page. Please respond. Thanks,

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