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Message 4312 - Posted: 5 Jul 2004, 6:35:56 UTC

Hello All,

I feel it would be of benefit to add CPU instructions into the WUs, to utilise some features as SSE.

Folding@Home does this, and work units process more efficiently than SETI (From what I have observed)



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Message 4508 - Posted: 5 Jul 2004, 17:21:28 UTC

Scott - Check my earlier post
"Code Contest"

I fully agree.

I found on the planetary society site a statement by the founder of Seti@home that they are working with NVidia to write WU processing code using the graphics chips on their video boards. That would allow many more users to have "more than one CPU" working on science.

Gareth Lock
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Message 10134 - Posted: 20 Jul 2004, 1:42:22 UTC

A nice idea, but wouldn't this make WUs non portable to clients written for other platforms eg MACs.

Questions and Answers : Wish list : Work unit optimisation

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