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Message 1792540 - Posted: 1 Jun 2016, 10:42:26 UTC

I keep getting sent (and end up aborting) blc5 tasks. These interfere too much with my computer usage - they use too much of my cards gpu resources. I don't want to receive any more blc5 tasks. Is there anyway I can say, "Don't send me" a particular type of task?

I'm quite happy with most other task types, just not this one and want to continue processing those tasks as I currently have my system configured (all the time). I don't want to schedule that the GPU is only used when I haven't used the computer for a few minutes, or any other kind of scheduling. I just don't want blc5 tasks.

Many thanks.
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Message 1792542 - Posted: 1 Jun 2016, 11:05:40 UTC - in response to Message 1792540.  

This is the most recent info.

Message 1789620
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Message 1794165 - Posted: 7 Jun 2016, 4:59:29 UTC

Currently there is no way not to receive BC* (more correctly "guppi") tasks to your GPU apart from stopping using the GPU.
As an alternative you can set the computing options to suspend processing when the computer is busy for a small fraction of a minute, or suspend when particular other programs are running. Setting these is far easier than aborting guppi every time you get them. One thing to note is that there may be times when only guppi are available as the data from Arecibo is getting rather thin on the ground.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : How to stop receiving blc5 tasks

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