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Message 3464 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 14:16:49 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jul 2004, 14:27:29 UTC


I'm a dumb-ass - should have selected "newest questions first" and I would have seen the other messages about the same thing. Thanks for the answer...I'll be more careful to look around before posting next time.

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Message 3466 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 14:24:14 UTC

No, you are not the only person this is happening to. There are many threads on the boards complaining about the lack of work. Nobody knows when more work will become available.

If you wish to try multi project, try attaching to If not, then just wait for more WU to become available.

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Message 3479 - Posted: 2 Jul 2004, 14:57:16 UTC - in response to Message 3466.  

An up-to-date notice of the problem status on the main page would seemingly help avoid a lot of these questions.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : No Work From Project

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