Upgrading Boinc trough PPA/repository!?!?

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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Upgrading Boinc trough PPA/repository!?!?

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Message 1490818 - Posted: 18 Mar 2014, 19:31:35 UTC


I'm running Boinc-client on Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04/12.10. Usually I install this PPA/repository onto a clean installation of the OS. But according to a ToDo for this PPA I learned that it was possible to add the PPA/repository on a system where Boinc already has been installed, and still get it to update whenever a new version comes along. This works fine on clean installations! But when ever I add it to a system with an existing Boinc-client, the new version doesn't appears after upgrade

Any suggestions?

This is the PPA/repository:

(From my own ToDo - but is done according to the website below)
#13 Repository CostaMagnagianfranco/Boinc Website: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=70320#1316620
Command: # apt-get install python-software-properties
Command: # add-apt-repository ppa:costamagnagianfranco/boinc
Command: # apt-get update

If BOINC already installed:
Command: # apt-get upgrade

If BOINC not installed:
Command: # apt-get install boinc-client
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Upgrading Boinc trough PPA/repository!?!?

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